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Gladz 18th Birthday Competition - Event 2 - Clan Wars


The Gladiatorz

Event details



Who: Clan members / Community

What: Amused Jerico vs Jaded Jenninz Clan War

Where: W20 (F2P) Clan wars (gamers grotto)

Why: R2 of 3 celebrating the clan and its history 



Additional Information:



Recommended gear:


Rune Helm/ Mystic hood

Amulet of Power / Zealots (dg - is optional)

Rune Plate/Mystic Top 

Rune Plateleg or skirt / Mystic Bottom

Rune Gauntlets 

Explorer's Ring

Rune Berserker Shield / Mystic Shield 

Swanky Boots 


Rune 2h/ Gravite 2h(dg - is optional)

Rune mainhand weapon/Gravite rapier/longsword(dg - is optional)


nature runes for binds 

Anchovy Pizza 




^ Of the above list 

I will provide everything with the exception of optional dg items, swanky boots, explorer's ring (Sorry I can't trade you those)




*** more updates coming soon ;) 




Recommended Comments

Just as a heads up I am going to allow all styles since we expect the numbers not be large enough for instant KO's and we don't want the event to be boring melee fest <3


If I get a chance I will update with another screenshot 




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