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Ultimate Runescape Guides & Links List

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Chosen Deity

Very awesome collection! Hope peeps keep it updated, bookmarked it!

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Been looking around on the forum and came across this. Awesome! :)

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I don't know how many people will find this useful, but I'll leave it here. It's a huge guide for questing on skillers without the risk of gaining that pesky combat xp.


 Jagex likes to code quest npcs in a variety of ways. For example; you can recoil the experiment in Creature of Fenkenstrain. In Underground Pass however, if you try to kill Kalrag (spider mini-boss) in this way, the game doesn't register the kill. Meaning he won't drop the item necessary to progress through the quest. You need to brew to 0, attack without dealing damage, then have a friend PJ him and take the kill.


Might prove useful for some of y'alls alts :)

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