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Cam L

TeamSpeak Guide & Information

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Cam L



This thread contains all of the information necessary to download and set up access to the clan's TeamSpeak server. 

Teamspeak Server: the-gladiatorz.com

No password


TeamSpeak Rules


Only clan members (Recruit+) and allies who are registered on our forum will be allowed to register on the server. Please register with your complete RS name.

Nicknames of clan members must include enough of their forum name for them to be identifiable.

No sexually explicit talk in the main lobby.

When in someone's personal channel, please respect the owner and their requests (see 'Personal Channels' section below). 

When in a public channel, try to stick to that channel's topic (for example, keep PvM activities to the PvM channels).

The use of push-to-talk while in public channels is required. 

All clan rules apply.

Contact any Rider+ if you have any questions. 


Downloading TeamSpeak 3


A list of TeamSpeak downloads can be found here. Check your computer specs to make sure you are downloading the correct client. If in doubt, download the 32-bit Windows client (the first download link). 


Connecting to TeamSpeak


The video guide below quickly runs you through how to connect to TeamSpeak for the first time once you have downloaded the program. It also explains how to bookmark our server, and how to set your voice capture mode to Push to Talk.



Personal Channels


All TeamSpeak channels under the Pantheon header are personal channels that have been awarded to clan members. These members have some control over their own channels. Channel owners may want some privacy, either to themselves or a small group. Please be respectful of their wishes and leave if you are asked to. To request a personal channel of your own, please ask any Rider+ rank. You must pass a Rider+ vote to receive your own channel, and one should display consistent activity on TeamSpeak for some time for their request to be seriously considered. 

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