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Help with Action Bar and Abilities


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So I have been working hard trying to get my combat stats up over the past few weeks. While training melee in the hellhound resource dungeon, a very helpful person taught me about revolution, and shared his melee ability bar with me.


However I am now looking to move onto ranged and magic (getting all combat stats to 85) and am struggling with the ability bar for ranged and magic. I've been reading and watching a few videos, however all the recommended action bars I have seen have abilities I don't have access too yet. Abilities such as: Corruption blast/shot (cant afford), Sunshine and death's swiftness (haven't completed world wakes quest), Sacrifice, Ice Asylum.


So I am wondering what you guys consider to be good ability bars, for 80 ranged and magic. I am looking to train these up in the Abyss or Ed runs, using a black salamander or crystal bow, and for magic a crystal staff. Using these as I am training up invention as well


Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me 

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My advice to you would be to work towards unlocking the suggested abilities. Having 75 in either magic, range, or melee, or 91 constitution would allow you to unlock all the 3 powerful tendrils and Ice Asylum. By the way, include Seer's Village tasks in your goals, as they reward you with the upgraded enhanced excalibur, which can be activated every 5min or so to restore 40% of your maximum hp, along with a hefty defence level boost. This shares cooldown with Ice Asylum, Guthix's Blessing and Rejuvinate, but doesn't drain any adrenaline and is better. For now, you can use Rejuvinate, though it requires a shield to be wielded to use.


The World Wakes is a wonderful quest, as are all the quests leading up to it. They are all rewarding in their own way, and sunshine/death's swiftness are certainly a must-have. It has no hard-set requirements, you can do it right away, if you're in a rush. If you enjoy RS lore though, I'd recommend doing all quests in order :p  Use Deadshot instead of Death's swiftness for ranged, in the meantime. Magic has an alternative called Metamorphosis for sunshine, but it lasts only 15 seconds rather than 30.


Corruption abilities are awesome to have, and a worthy goal. Once you meet the clan raids requirements, (you can buy ports armour from ge), you may even try your luck at getting your own codices.


Sacrifice, Devotion and Transfiguration are all easily and very quickly obtainable at the god wars dungeon, by simply killing Bandosian or Armadylean mobs, with lootshare on (even if you're alone). They're also dropped by the two respective bosses and their minions. Watch for the green message in chat informing you that you've unlocked them.  Tuska's wrath is a reward from playing about 80 minutes of the Tuska minigame.


Some tips for increasing damage that I'd give you are to use binding abilities as much as you can, as they double the damage from the weakest abilities. This is only against targets that can be bound, which sadly excludes most bosses. For ranged, Binding shot binds targets for 10 seconds, making Piercing shot do double damage during those 10 sec. Melee has the Barge ability which binds for 8 seconds and gives double damage to both Slice and Punish. For magic, you will need the Bind spell (1 nature rune) to do this (can just skip this part for magic).

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Thanks @Brimes and @Sreyas that is super helpful. Will definitely add those in.


Looks like I have some work to do. @Sreyas if I go to the God wars dungeon, will I be able to survive with 84 defence, 82 prayer, 86 constitution and 80 ranged and magic? I've just never been thats all. 


As for world wakes, I am definitely looking to complete that, and the quests before hand. But it appears for me to get maximum amount of xp from the quest, I need to have 91 prayer? So was just going to wait till 91 prayer.


Also on my to do list is the temple of senntisten which also requires me to do about 8 quests I havent completed yet. Way to many quests for my liking. Might try and smash out 1 a day or something like that.

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1 quest a day is just fine. Don't burn yourself out, you'll hate the game that way. The quests have some really nice lore, if you follow the story you might enjoy them more :p  *might*


You can claim the xp after you get 91 prayer, even if you don't have it while doing the quest. Regardless, 92 prayer for soulsplit is a must-have :p 


You can easily survive with those stats at GWD1 bosses. But for the abilities, you can quickly get them from the mobs outside the boss rooms too, just have lootshare on. 

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Hahaha thanks heaps Sreyas that's extremely helpful. Given me a very clear outline to prepare for PvM, rather than just being carried when i go in a group to gwd2 bosses

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