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Application [JR]


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1) What is your current display name? 


2) Are you a Runescape member? Membership (P2P) is required.


3) Have you been a member of The Gladiatorz before?


4) Including other accounts can you list your clan and team history?

Astral Turtles a couple months not sure how long, on another account I no longer play on


5) Including other accounts are you currently in any other clan?  With the exception of Ironmen, we do not allow multi-clanning.

No other clan


6) Who recruited you, could you provide a name? If no one did, how did you find us?

Google search found a Reddit reply

7) Which timezone are you in?


8) Are you prepared to maintain moderate forum and game activity? 



9) What is your Discord tag?


10) Have you added Deathcon (Leader) and Bluee Iris (Head Mentor) to your friends list? If not, please add us.

Not yet will as soon as this post is posted :)

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Hey your app looks good,join our cc and ask for a invite from a organizer or above :3 

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Bluee Iris

Hiya, and welcome to the clan @Aloyara! :hi: 


Now that you’ve been invited to the clan, you’ll be going through your Junior trial period. You can further read about the trial period from the link mentioned below, and through a forum PM I’ll be sending you. Your mentors are: @Shepherdc, and xDeni. Please make sure to add them in game so they may begin helping you. Good luck! :) 


Junior Trial Period Information:


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Thanks for the invite! I'm in Discord and have been talking to everyone in voice. Both my mentors are on my friends list. 

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  • Deathcon changed the title to Application [JR]


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