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My RS3 nickname is Vorshin,i recently came back to runescape after a rly long 8 years brake. Im a p2p and i was not a member of this clan before. Im not a member of any other clans and my timezone is +0(idk if i said ot right tho we dont use tht in europe rly) I found the clan on forum and i will maintain activity daily activity ingame and forum if needed because im only mobile player atm. My discord tag is Vorshin and i will add the leaders. I allready contacted some1 from clan and im a part of guest clan chat. Hope you guys see this soon,ty od u send me an invite! 

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Hiya, and welcome to the clan @VORSHIN! :hi: 


Now that you’ve been invited to the clan, you’ll be going through your Junior trial period. You can further read about the trial period from the link mentioned below, and through a forum PM I’ll be sending you. Your mentors are: @luke1196 & @Maggie. Please make sure to add them in game so they may begin helping you. Good luck! :) 


Junior Trial Period Information:


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