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Application- Zonera


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1) What is your current display name? Zonera
2) Are you a Runescape member? Membership (P2P) is required. yes
3) Have you been a member of The Gladiatorz before? no
4) Including other accounts can you list your clan and team history? N/A

5) Including other accounts are you currently in any other clan?  With the exception of Ironmen, we do not allow multi-clanning. No

6) Who recruited you, could you provide a name? If no one did, how did you find us? Found you guys on a runescape forum post.
7) Which timezone are you in? Central GMT-6
😎 Are you prepared to maintain moderate forum and game activity? I will do my best

9) What is your Discord tag? EthanLM#9215
10) Have you added Deathcon (Leader) and Bluee Iris (Head Mentor) to your friends list? If not, please add us. Yes I believe I have.

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