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Gladiator "Random" Encounters


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@aPrayer mocking me with his Drakan's medallion as I laboriously work my way through the Myreque quest series. 😢



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Ran into @aPrayer again, this time in the Myreque's Meiyerditch HQ. Not sure how I feel about this...could he be a Vampyre sympathizer? :sly:



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On 9/6/2021 at 10:10 AM, X5-452 said:

@Blazin29caught questin'



You're making good progress on the account! Keep it up my dude. 😎 @Blazin29

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49 minutes ago, Fatal Zanik said:

Isnt this the same as the "I Spy..." topic?

Seems someone has merged the two into one now :)

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i am apparently horrible at taking screen shots lol 

but i found the holy one at the arch work bench 

@Holy One

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5 hours ago, Mrs Dewfus said:

i am apparently horrible at taking screen shots lol


Its like a censor bar... @Holy One are you nude under there?!?!

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