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1 ) What is your current display name?


2 ) Are you a Runescape member? Membership (P2P) is required.



3 ) Have you been a member of The Gladiatorz before?



4 ) Including other accounts can you list your clan and team history?

I've never been a part of an official clan/team before. 


5 ) Including other accounts are you currently in any other clan? With the exception of Ironmen, we do not allow multi-clanning.



6 ) Who recruited you, could you provide a name? If no one did, how did you find us?

I was bored of playing on my own all the time and looked up pvm clans on google. I found a reddit comment by Aware-Path2409 that led me here. 

7 ) Which timezone are you in and when do you usually play?

EST. I'm in medical school so I usually spend 10+ hours at my computer every day while studying, and I'll typically be logged in the whole time as well. The little dopamine rush from getting afk XP while I'm studying helps keep me sane lol. But if I had to choose one specific time frame, I'd say early-mid afternoon. 

8 ) Are you prepared to maintain moderate forum and game activity, and periodically check your forum messages (especially during your junior period)? 



9 ) What is your full Discord tag (eg. Username#0000)?


10 ) Have you added Deathcon and Bleedblack (Leaders) and Maggie (Head Mentor) to your friends list? If not, please add us.


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