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Another DXP November 5-15th


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120 summoning is banked. 120 agility is banked (via silverhawks, will definitely take longer than dxp tho lol xD).


Gonna do DG runs too!

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2 hours ago, ms jenni said:

Gonna do DG runs too!

Oh that's right. I figured I'd try and join folks for some dungeoneering runs. Hopefully we can get groups together for some good gainz!

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Hoping to close to gap to 200m herb (about 40-50m off) and get 200m dg (20m~ off) 


Whatever time is left i might try to do some FM with pitch cans and use some of my 60k proteans :lol:


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1 hour ago, Fedal said:

it's the only time people dg now  sadface

I still need to do my hardmode floors ;)

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6 hours ago, Cam L said:

Honestly, what is even left to train at this point?

Imagine playing the game :( 

But for real, may jump on for dungeoneering fun

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I have supplies for 200M crafting, fletching, firemaking, construction, cooking, and agility. There's also no chance I'll have time for any significant amount of that :/

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