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Norton Application [JR]


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1 ) What is your current display name and do you play on PC, mac or mobile?
Norton, I play on PC

2 ) Are you a Runescape member? Membership (P2P) is required.

3 ) Have you been a member of The Gladiatorz before?

4 ) Including other accounts can you list your clan and team history?
I was in "The Last Souls" but that has since shut down.


5 ) Including other accounts are you currently in any other clan? With the exception of Ironmen, we do not allow multi-clanning.

6 ) Who recruited you, could you provide a name? If no one did, how did you find us?
I found this clan on the RuneScape forums

7 ) Which timezone are you in and when do you usually play?
I am in PST, I am online and afk during the day as I WFH. But in the evening I get involved more.

8 ) Are you prepared to maintain moderate forum and game activity, and periodically check your forum messages (especially during your junior period)? 

9 ) What is your full Discord tag (eg. Username#0000)?

10 ) Have you added Deathcon and Bleedblack (Leaders) and Maggie and X5-452 (Head Mentors) to your friends list? If not, please add us.
Yes, you are all added!

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Welcome to the clan, buddy! If you have any questions about anything please feel free to shoot me a message!

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  • Beric changed the title to Norton Application [JR]

Hiya, and welcome to the clan @Norton :hi: 


Now that you’ve been invited, you’ll be going through your Junior Trial Period. You can further read about it from the link mentioned below, and through a forum PM I’ll be sending you momentarily.

Your mentors are: Maggie & @Mrs Dewfus. Please make sure you've added them to your friends list so they may begin helping you immediately. Good luck! :) 


Junior Trial Period Information:


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Welcome to the clan!

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Welcome to the club Norton!

You will love it here, this community is very welcoming and helpful.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


- SJ

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