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Eye of Skady

Dailyz for the gainz

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Eye of Skady

Hey guys, I'm creating this topic to anyone who wants to share/discover methods to get that extra cash from daily activities, some i know might require high stats but my dailys are basically:


•Potion flasks - ~250k/day

(requires 90 craft to actually craft this flask, but the mining requirement is low and since you can mine 50 redstones/day untill you get that craft lvl you should have a good stock and later get that $$, potion flasks are ~5k ea)


•Rune Goldberg Machine: wicked hood teleport and rc guild - ~200k/~600k

(I recomend lode tele to lunar island and buy all elemental runes and body/mind, then repeat in yanille magic guild, then go to rc guild) This gives in average ~200k/day, depends on your luck (recomend runegoldberg tracker to check first rune for the day and prollys runes for 2nd, the third its based random for all accounts) but if you get 100 vis wax the profit can go to ~600k


•RC run: daily teleports to any altar - ~60k

(i like to do nat runes and withdraw esses from it in the altar)


•Herb runs: depends on seeds and avaliable patches but gives a good amount of $$ - ~120k 

since i have acess to all farming patches thats my profit/run check your farm lvl and the most profitable seed you can use


•If in Ithell VoS time i recomend taking a sip of a juju mining potion buy ~25 bracelets of clay and mine the clay spot near the furnace, almost afkable for 1h and gives ~1m

(you will need priff unlocked)


•PoF - idk how much money you can make but nowadays they are selling tons of animals in W2 for ~500k to M's, some like it some think it's boring, i think it's profitable


I'll keep updating my methods for anyone who wanna try get some extra $_$


Feel free to correct my gramatical error's, it's not my main language. 




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Mining harmed rune during trah vos can get yah over 2m an hour. Just join fc “Harmed ore” and there are people scouting for harmonized runite 95 mining required and things like gemstone outfit,lava titan, and mining cape help get that profit up. If you have an auto alchemizer mk2 you can calculate costs of energy, nature rune, and item to see how much money you’ll make over the course of the week it takes to alch. Onyx bolts (e) made some money for me and while it’s not fast it’s something to do with money that’s just sitting in your pouch

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