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Making bank with Herblore!

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I noticed that a lot of people here struggle with Herblore because it needs a lot of money. So I decided to make this guide here to help people get overloads or 99 herblore while making money with aggression potions.


Requirements: (You need 2,3,4,5  anyway to reduce training cost on other methods)

1- Level 82 herblore.

2- Scroll of cleansing.

3- Modified botanist mask.  (Tips on getting it down below)

4- 3 factory outfit pieces.     ^ (Adds roughly 1.5 mil/hr)

5- Botanist amulets.

6- At least 20 mil.



300k ~ 400k xp/hr (depends on your focus)

6 ~ 8 mil/hr           ^



1- You'll probably only be able to make this once a day (twice a day if you spread it out throughout the day)*.

2- It take a while to sell the aggression flasks.

3- The market is unstable, but always profitable.


*Depending on your money you could buy ingredients worth multiple hours or worth less than an hour.



1- Buy 1 of both [Searing ashes, Clean bloodweed] on highest then sell on lowest.

2- Calculate how much you are going to buy. (math down below) tl;dr: if you are going to buy 1k bloodweed then buy 1.1k searing ashes and 680 potion flasks.

3- Buy Searing ashes and Clean bloodweed on the price you sold them in the previous step. Then buy potion flasks. (most of the time it's not worth it to buy low because of small margins)

4- Go to W84 at the Lumbridge academy and make the potions on a portable well by the bank. (don't forget to keep an eye on the botanist amulet in case it turns to dust)

5- Turn the aggression potions (3) and (4) to Aggression flasks (6).

6- Buy 1 Aggression flask (6) at highest and then sell all of them on that value. (Warning: Value often changes so you might have to cancel recheck then resell multiple times)




Bloodweed, Searing ashes and potion flasks quantity ratio: 1 : 1.1 : 0.68  respectively 


After the equipment's effects the ratio for splitting your money is: (Warning: Values may change if the market crashes other than that they are roughly as below)

1- Searing ashes       67.56%  (at 36k ea)

2- Clean bloodweed  25.25%  (at 14.8k ea)

3- Potion flasks         7.19%   (at 6.2k ea )


If you want to calculate the ratio yourself:


Searing ashes value x 1.1 = a

Clean bloodweed value = b

Potion flask x 0.68 = c

a + b + c = d


a / d = Searing ashes ratio

b / d = clean bloodweed ratio

c / d = potion flask ratio


Tips on getting the modified botanist's mask and 3 factory outfit pieces:


Fastest way to get them is when Flash powder factory is on spotlight. Here is a link to find out when it will be on: https://runescape.wiki/w/Thaler


If you are new to the minigame, here is a link to help you understand it: https://runescape.wiki/w/Flash_Powder_Factory#Playing_the_game

If you're having any trouble with it, feel free to pm me.


Reasons for playing the minigame when it's on spotlight:

1- There are a lot of people that you can pickpocket for apparatuses, that won't mind because they are afk-ing for Thaler.

2- You can split the cost on both Thaler and Brianpoints.

3- You will gain 60 Thaler/hr instead of 12 and more Brianpoints since you'll have more apparatuses.


Most efficient way to buy all of them:

Buy the boots once they become available, either with Thaler or Brianpoints. They will increase your points/hr a lot.

With Thaler: The trousers and either gloves or boots.

With Brianpoints: The botanist's mask, the mask addon and either gloves or boots.


With the setup above, it will take you approximately 7.5 ~ 8 hours or 30 ~ 32 games. 


I hope someone finds this helpful!


If you want to ask anything, you're very welcome to.

If you want more detailed math, then I'd be happy to!


I'm sorry, I'm a math geek. :P

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Wolf Eyes

Awesome Ali, thanks for sharing with the clan :)

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Bluee Iris



Love the guide, thank you for taking the time to make this! 

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Thanks Ali for posting. It's much appreciated! :)

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Pretty solid guide.

You should look into updating this fairly often maybe add a few other herbs.. could be VERY helpful to some of our lower members.

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Tyrone Bone

Great guide man, kudos to you

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9 hours ago, Shepherdc88 said:

You should look into updating this fairly often maybe add a few other herbs.. could be VERY helpful to some of our lower members.

This is a pretty good idea! it's time to have some fun :D 

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