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Google home mini + spotify membership for 2mo for $0.99 (US ONLY)

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I'm not sure if this kind of topic is allowed or not, so if there is an issue with it just delete it.


Firstly, use this at your own risk. I have already ordered mine as well as my mom. Neither of us was charged more than the 99c


Currently spotify is offering new members 3 months of membership for $0.99. To qualify for this all you need is a new email & card that hasnt been used on spotify before. If you use gmail (unsure if this works with other email providers) you can just add a period to your email, for example say my email is res@gmail.com but I just registered with r.es@gmail.com this way the emails still go to my primary email, and spotify thinks its a new email.


Once you get the 3 months of membership, you can upgrade your account to a family plan which will ask you to put your card info back in (Can be the same one) it says it will charge you $14.99, but because you currently have 3 months of paid membership it just shortens your membership to 2mo and does not charge you. At least at the time of this post, it has worked for me twice. Some users have said they will charge you $0.01 on the second screen, but both times they did not for me.


Once your account is upgraded to the family account, you can click Here and claim your google home mini. You can cancel your spotify membership and still keep the mini, I'm going to cancel mine once I get a tracking number.



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