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in what ways do u save money?

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i use a credit card that gives %2 cash back for anything

i work in retail so i get a discount so that helps also

i rarely drink but when i do i do it at home and maybe once or twice a week ill go eat fast food mostly McDonald

never have smoked

also i abuse free trials of stuff ;)

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6 hours ago, Edem Alive said:

Oh ya, this is a big money saver for me as well. I hunt and usually get an Elk and Deer every year, plus we buy half a pig and half a cow. I further save a ton of money by butchering and packaging myself.

I hate hunting. Though I usually go dipnetting every July. Alaska residents can use a 4 or 5 foot wide net on the Kenai River to catch 25 red salmon + 5 more for each person in their house hold to fill their freezer.This is in addition to the normal daily limits with a rod and reel. I'm making sushi sometime next week. Haha

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I've come to the realization that not everything I want , I need . Ultimately, any cut backs you do will help you reach your goals .

oh and also recycling can be gas money  :)

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Dan G

Remembering your buyers remorse is a great incentive. 

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I usually go and fish for monkfish or whatever highest food I can every so many slayer tasks I do, just to get some "free" food for a couple slayer tasks. 
Since slayer is a good money maker,I don't do this a lot, but yeah, this can save me a lot on rocktails ^^

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