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Comp cape poll is out

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3 hours ago, Isurugi Noe said:

I don't want to come across as rude, but did you quit because you couldn't bother chasing comp.


Or because of other reasons, one of which being the constant comp hunt?

I quit because I lost interest in chasing trim comp, also dailies felt like a chore with no real tangible gain felt from them. Then again I was pretty much done with the game anyway, after comp/mqc/small selection of 120s/"enough gp" was complete. With the only real goals left being trim, all-120s, and IFB/pets etc all being out of the question (I dont wanna)... got bored. Short of releasing a new skill or something Im not really sure what they could do to get me to play again.

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Sir Berry
On 1/24/2019 at 7:51 PM, Veggie said:

You'd be amazed by the kinds of disabilities people are still able to kill Telos with



What a boss!


On 1/25/2019 at 7:51 AM, Veggie said:

Jagex has framed the discussion around the first set of players, even though it is transparent that the latter is the issue they are trying to address. The first set of players barely exist - a much more common hurdle for those players is Max Guild for the boss portal. Nobody seriously cares about the Completionist Cape stats, and it is dishonest for Jagex or others to pretend that the stats are the big deal here. The latter set of players are the vocal ones who have been complaining for years.

This is right on the money. I don't see the pvmers without comp complaining near as much, if at all about not being able to get comp. Guy in my world with silver warden and maxcape, just keeps going through that portal. He will probably get 4k well before he comps. I love to see people doing what they enjoy, and not worrying about particles, or tiny stat increases. They are not locked out of any content, because they don't have comp


I enjoy bossing most, but I also enjoy some level of completing the game. I will probably never trim because of the castle wars reqs., which is fine, I don't deserve it. I also don't think it should be removed so that I can get trim. That being said, comp was a level of completionism that I could eventually complete, and most of it was things I wanted to do anyways, like max level, all quest, and all task.


Jagex came up with a pretty good and fair system to begin with, they should have just kept to it.

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