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This is my range/melee bars/gear (ignore the GotE on the range setup)


I struggle to even do gwd1 efficiently and am max combat, no idea what I'm doing wrong




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  • Spend 50k dg tokens and get ring of vigour; swap to it before ults + use adren pots
  • 99 range cape/kiln
  • Replace glaivens with  silverhawks/arma
  • Your ability bars are holding you back for the most part


Other than getting timing down for using resonance that should help you immensely.


Side items that can help

-Enhanced excalibur from Seers elite tasks

-Ring of Vigor

-Asylum Surgeons

-Souls amulet > everything else

-getting used to using resonance

-zerk/sun/DA rotations; get used to them, practice on dummies, watch some videos.

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Glad you posted! The bars are for sure the problem. Now you can start making some progress :reporter:


9 minutes ago, Deathcon said:

Probably obvious, but what he linked you here are just basic abilities. You still need thresholds and ultimates on your bar, but please do not let revolution use them for you. That's something you should be in complete control of.


This won't make or break you, but you don't need to equip your spring cleaner. There are pocket slot items with stats and combat effects. 

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3 minutes ago, Beric said:

You still need thresholds and ultimates on your bar, but please do not let revolution use them for you

to piggyback off this, enable it in settings so you can have multiple action bars on your screen.


put defensives on them ( debil/reflect/resonance/cade/freedom/anticipate)


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Watch Junesongs DPS for dummies videos on youtube. Helps to slow down to .75 speed as he can talk fast.



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You are all making this thread more and more helpful.  Keep it coming!

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Isurugi Noe

I can only speak for k'ril at GWD1, but it's important to stand in the right position (I know this is also true for some GWD2 bosses and the kiln fight).


Furthermore, progressing further than GWD1 you'll probably need to learn the defensive abilites just as Dcon said :)

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ah ty

I've already sent you these but incase you forgot lol


mage activating thresholds/ultimates:



mage fully afk slayer/low lvl bosses:



range activating thresholds/ultimates:



range full afk slayer/low level bosses:

(the "e" ability below Tuska's wrath is better than sacrifice and they can just replace each other in any of these)



i dont fully melee anything so my bars for those are bad, i can try to make one if you like melee but i'd recommend sticking to one combat style and getting the best gear you can in it :) 

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