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truly bored

Everyone plays RS Different

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truly bored

Everyone plays rs a little differently and our setups are all different.  With that being said share yours!  


Computer specs? 

RS3 Screen layout? 


who knows may find a new layout you like.  



as for me..


my computer specs:  (i built this computer awhile ago)


cpu: amd fx 8350 (oc 4.9)

memory: 32 gb  2133 ddr3

motherboard:  sabertooth 990fx

cpu cooler:  h100i

gpu:  SLI 760 (x2)

Storage:  Samsung SSD 500

              WD 2 TB HDD



i'll edit this post later with my gameplay screen layout. 


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(screenshot is 2 monitors, i play my main full screen on one and have my alt and a browser split on a 2nd)


Computer has a Gefore GTX 980 with an Intel i5-4690k

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