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Summon Tank Armour perks help

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Hi guys,

Going to start working on end game gear for my Defence pure, this will mostly be for bossing (mostly solo attempts maybe some group) + GE duels for fun

Just wanted some feedback or any suggestions/thoughts


Current stats (ignore 2 range blame jagex for bad coding in fist of guthix)


End stats will be 99 pray, 99 hp, 99 herb

Current Armour (Melee):
Helm/body/legs: Elder Rune
Shield:  Divine shield  + malevolent  shield  (switch) 
gloves: atrocious rogue gloves + 250 life bonus + 56 armour nondegradable
alt gloves: elder rune gaunlets 108 armour? I think 250 life points > 52 armour

Dark light (best in slot level 1 attack weapon) (no perks)


Possible Armour (Melee):

Non Trimmed Masterwork 9 - just for perks
Superior Tetsu - for elder rune stats + perks (may take awhile)
Trimmed masterwork - perks + set effect (might be useful? not sure if worth it to delay/bleed damage)

Absolute endgame Armour (melee):
Achto Teralith - obvious pick (Unlikely for now)


Possible Armour (Mage):
Superior seasingers - same as tetsu for range

Absolute end game Armour (mage):
Achto primeval - (unlikely for now)


Possible Perks (both mage and  melee):  (not sure about slot placement)
Body Gizmo 1: Absorbative
Body Gizmo 2: Enhanced Devoted 3
Legs Gizmo 1:  Crystal Shield 3
Legs Gizmo 2: impatient 3? for adrenaline gain?
Main Shield: Lucky for chance to reduce damage to 1? Energizing 3 for more  adrenaline?
Shield Switch: Turtling 5 for barricade
Weapon: no weapons currently augmentable with level 1 attack weapons besides flowers



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Use armor spikes. They are cheap and consistent (low) damage.

No real advice on the perks.


If you are building adren with defensives then impatient will be good, for sure.

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Done lol

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absorvative, crystal shield, and lucky are the 3 tanking perks that come to mind. crackling and aftershock and precise/ equilibrium wont be much use to you as your weapon is likely fairly low tier unless their is a dope weapon i cant remember that only requires high defense to wield. obviously enhanced devoted/devoted is a good perk to have too 

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lol wtf

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I'd be very interested in seeing your solo kill times on some bosses once you're set up. 

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