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RS Suggestion: Shift-Click to Drop (or other bindable hotkeys)

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Hello, I put this on Reddit as well if you want to support the thread at all.

I'm aware that this has been brought up before, but it hasn't been mentioned in a month according to the search tool.


A hotkey to be able to drop items by single clicking them would be a godsend, especially when the bank rework finally comes around (lol). In OSRS it is shift to drop click, but RS3 has the capability to set the hotkey to whatever you want.. so it could be ctrl-click, or ctrl-shift, or alt, or alt-shift.. or whatever.


Yea I know you can drop by adding certain items to the action bar, but that only works well when you're working with a lot of the same item. What if it's a bunch of random items? Or you're picking up loot and accidentally grab the wrong one? Or it doesn't have the option in the same spot?


So how can we go about getting this added to the game as an option? If OSRS can do it, we can do it too (only better). RS3 has a ton of great QoL changes which make the game not any less intensive, but definitely a lot more enjoyable.. and I think this is one of them.

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i supported your idea (: hope they can make some kind of change to help you! i have a lot of my current keybinds set to alt+ another button, so it'll probably be customizable and toggle-able to not mess up people like me that have a bunch of keybinds already haha

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GWD Camper

i will support the idea, but i wont expect it to be added, jagex's response will most likely be you can add the other items to other parts of your abilitybar lol.

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they have it on osrs. it is so nice for powerleveling. they need it for rs3

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Pretty useless for this game. This suggestion reads very much like you are an OSRS player who has not figured out how RS3 works yet. I looked you up on both highscores and that is indeed the case. RS3 players who just happened to hear about OSRS features don't advocate for such things.


Technical difficulties

  • This game has items that can be destroyed and others that can be disassembled. There is a confirm message, but if you destroy a valuable item, it may be gone forever. Compared to OSRS, where the destroy option exists but only on a couple of items.
  • This game makes use of modifiers for other purposes. If someone just cast an ability during combat which was, say, Shift+F, and then they immediately clicked on an item in their inventory, it might accidentally drop.


  • This game has a drag and drop feature. You can drag items out of your inventory and it drops to the ground. It is that simple. You can even drag things out of your bank - even items that cannot be noted and aren't stackable.
  • You can use the action bar to drop a bunch of the same item.
  • Some items whose primary purpose in the game is to be dropped, such as sandstone and granite, have Drop as their left click option
  • This game has many ways of avoiding "crap" getting in your inventory or even on the ground. Superheat Form, Crystallize, Spring Cleaner, Herbicide/Bonecrusher/Seedicide/Charming Imp/Gold Accumulator. And many other drops are noted or stackable items which are valuable and shouldn't be dropped.
  • You have Area Loot which may lead you to picking up many items, but the items are sorted by value. You can even customize it.

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The "nostalgia" point with OSRS was that it was supposed to be "harder/time consuming", therefore making achievements feel more valuable. I played for a week or so and found they had added a de-noter by the Rimmington portal. That game isn't OSRS. Its a pandering ploy to get money from a bunch of chads who want to pk all day and nothing else. You can buy your gold with real money.

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