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Im Fast AF

Agility Skilling Question

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Im Fast AF

Hello everyone, so i'm looking to master Agility and was wondering what the best way to go about leveling is? I've seen some guides say to farm certain courses and then some say courses aren't worth it just do certain quests and i'm not really sure what to believe. I know of the Nimble Outfit and want to get it but haven't been invited to The Pit yet. I have the Silverhawk Boots and i'm level 25 already but that's all i have going for me.


Any general tips or advice would mean a lot.


Thanks :)

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Cam L

I would not recommend using Silverhawks until you're a higher level - like, close to 99. The XP you get from them scales based off of your level, so at low levels your GP/XP ratio is very high (unless, of course, you have outrageous amounts of money to spend, but if you're only 25 Agility you probably don't - and that's fine). 


Doing quests that dish out Agility XP or XP in a skill of your choice is definitely helpful when you're starting off, so I'd do as many of those as you can. However, for quests that give you a choice of XP in any skill, just be aware that it may be more beneficial to put it in skills other than Agility. 

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Its a bit overwhelming at first, there's a lot to training a skill a lot of alternatives and that makes it kinda hard to know whats best/what to do.
So no worries, I live on the wiki and i suggest you use it too. Its just way to helpful.


Quests rewards don't scale so you're better off doing them ASAP ^like cam said. 5,000 exp at level 25 is a lot more helpful than 5,000 exp at level 60.
You're gonna do some quests anyways since you need them for other quests, which have other rewards which you might want, etc.. etc.. you get what I mean. Its just better to do em ASAP :p 
Don't burn yourself out tho & good luck training agility.




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the wiki is amazing! Used it for mining so far started 1 day ago and already like 50 mining

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