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Penguin Hide and Seek update!!!


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Penguins have been updated, and some will give CLUE REWARDS from Easy-Master! Along with New rewards and QoL updates!

Be sure to do all the related quests, so you too can start joining upcoming events for penguins!



Related Quests are as follows;

Quest Reward
Cold War 5 of the 10 penguins begin rewarding 2 Penguin Points upon completion of the quest, increasing the maximum points awarded to 15 every week.
Hunt for Red Raktuber A Polar bear worth 1 Penguin Point may be found inside a well each week upon completion of the quest, increasing the maximum points awarded to 16.
Some Like It Cold and Desert Treasure[1] An additional penguin may be spied once each week, rewarding 3 Penguin Points, increasing the maximum points awarded to 19. The Shadow Realm penguin teleports around the game periodically to a selection of penguin spawn points.

To see the Shadow Realm penguin, players must be wearing a ring of visibility, or have spoken to Sliske in the Empyrean Citadel after completing The General's Shadow, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and Fate of the Gods.

Back to the Freezer Penguin Points trade in for additional experience, increasing the value of each point from 25 × Skill level to 40 × Skill level. An additional penguin worth 2 Penguin Points may be spied each week, increasing the maximum points awarded to 21.
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As with my post on the events board



Before and after todays update for xp/point based on level.


Back to the freezer no longer buffs XP.



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I guess I should use up my penguin points I have been saving for a few weeks.

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1 hour ago, Minikillers said:

Yes, Cliff. Do your quests.

My ironman fails. hard. Gonna be doign these this week if ive got the skills

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When you do this... of course take various teleports with you, and don't forget your ring of visibility for the ghost peng.


sorry @Maggie

With the device you get from that polar bear you have the option 'hint'. Number 11 is the ghost peng. This one changes locations fast.


Through the runescape forum you can use the world 60 pengs thread for their current locations.

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