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hey guys

greg slayer

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Hunter; on my way to get 120 before the end of it. Then probably just more farming xp that I don't actually need.

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Smashed out 120 herb and might try to do some archeology with the rest of the time I can sneak in. Still have 30 something hours though so I might have to try to catch it on the next go round. Wbu?

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Crafting, invention and archeology. Hopefully gonna max in a week or so

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Just made more elder salves/adren renewal/spiritual prayer/vuln bombs for pvm

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I'm only halfway through my dxp time.  Extremely unlikely I'll be able to use it all.  


Focused on herb until I ran out of money.  Farm runs. Doing a bit of slayer now. 

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Crafting/Firemaking/Construction pretty much all the proteans I got

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Alex Englsh

i got 120 invention but tbh ive just been killing telos. CBA to actually skill

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Red Rat17

I'm 2 siphons away from 120 invention, and went from 115 arch to 117 arch. I'm pretty close to 118. 


What about you? 

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still working on me clock :reporter:


and nothing really just hogwash lols 


but I will be better prepared next dxp to get 120 herbs

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I was trying to train a little of everything as all my skills are low level.


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got 99 construction/divination/hunter/rc/smithing/mining/crafting/arch/summoning and dungeoneering finally getting max cape. was really solid :D

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