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Mage rotation advice


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I'm a bit stuck on what thresholds I should be prioritizing for mage. I typically start with wild magic into asphyxiate, deto, and another wm if I have time/adren pot (almost have the rep for a planted feet switch, thank goodness). I've been thinking about switching to dw so I can make use of a flanking OH switch, but I mostly do solo content right now while I get more comfortable with rotations. I know you're supposed to get 5 thresholds in a sunshine rotation with PF, so i'm obviously not getting that because I use too many channeled abilities. Not sure if I should still be using deep impact without flanking, and I have zero experience with smoke tendrils (yay, another channeled mage threshold). I could also buy blast diffusion boots since they've completely crashed, but idk where that would move deto into my prioritization. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you all in advance!

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Okay so definitely get boots and 3t deto, lol got it! Still need to get g staff. Thank you wolf eyes <3 

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Wolf Eyes

You're already in the PVME Discord so I would just recommend reading the #DPM-Advice-Mage channel a few times to get an understanding of general DPS with mage. 


There isn't going to be a set rotation that you follow that will be applicable to every boss. So having an understanding of which abilities hit the highest is recommended (i.e. knowing the chart above)



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Yeah I had read through it the other day! Must have completely missed the chart...thanks again!

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eof gstaff will improve your magic life greatly. if i cant flank the thresholds i would go for would be wild magic, asphyxiate, eof gstaff spec and repeat when off cooldown which should get you 6 "thresholds". gstaff spec has the added benifit of not needing 50 adren to be cast so you can cast it whenever as long as you have 25 adren.

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18 hours ago, Kris_Kronkle said:

eof gstaff will improve your magic life greatly

I'm getting gstaff late today for sure, but i'm still a little ways out on eof. So many different things go into making it lol, so I'll probably grind out some clues for forts and figure out what to do for the rumbling comps.

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