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Sign Ups - Clan Fortnite Tournament


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Clan Fortnite Tournament - SIGN UPS




A Mokoko and Thoraa would like to invite you to the return of Clan Fortnite Tournament on 13th April 2024


Creative maps will begin at 6:30pm EST

(optional please see further info below)


Main Event Tournament will begin at 7:30pm EST



Sign ups will go on from 31st March 2024 till 10th April 2024


Teams will be  made on 11th April 2024 to allow teams to practice with each other if choose to do so.


The How's:

Fortnite is a free to play shooter 3rd party game which you can download via the Epic Games store on PC, or on Xbox/Playstation - it's a cross play game (please download at a least a day in advance to ensure you're good to go)


We will be competing on zero build battle royale unranked for 5 matches


Contestants will be split into teams (via a random number generator to ensure fairness) prior to the event with a designated leader to screenshot placement after elimination (or win)


Feel free to download early and get your headshot practice in!


Prior to the tournament, we will be playing some creative maps (these can be quite fun to warm up) such as murder mystery, red vs blue etc as a whole - not just in your teams. This will enable the teams to form and wait for any late people and also have fun together as a group. 


How do I sign up? Please reply to this thread if you are a yes or even a maybe so we can organize teams in advance as mentioned above

(may be helpful to also include your fortnite @ if you know it)

if you realise you're late signing up and still want to participate shoot one of us a message and we'll see if there's an available spot on one of the teams, though this cannot be guaranteed. 


The Why's:

It wouldn't be a tournament if there wasn't a prize pool! 

There will be a grand total of 600m Runescape GP up for grabs many thanks to the clan, A Mokoko, Alpha Check and Thoraa

The team with the highest placement average over the 5 matches wins the pot split between team members


50m giveaway chosen by random picker to 4 players in the remaining runner up teams 

There will also be an additional prize of 200m for the player who finishes the tournament with most overall kills



If you have any questions please pop them below and we'll try to answer as soon as we can. 


What you waiting for, Sign up below!

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Alpha Check


we all know i am game @Alpha Check=p

i will sign up @Jordanas well since he rarelt gets on this... @sleezylogic

as well as godddsunshine aka @Jakey and fluxx.....so you have 4 with us


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i will keep you posted as its already been a hour on the update and its only at 12 %.. last time i tried to play it.. it only wanted to crash


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I'd be all over this if it wasn't for the timezone! 


Goodluck to all teams! 

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Too bad it's zero build, good luck to all!

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i love free money! Epic name: OccipitalVison


im on ps5, so the ps5 name is also KT_33



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I shall volunteer - Sorry for whoever ends up with me

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