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Average Odds' PvM: PvM For The Rest Of Us.


The Gladiatorz - Rs Events

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This event began 04/13/2024 and repeats every week forever

Hi. I'm OddsRatio, owner and operator of Average Odds' PvM.


I'm here to tell you you're perfect just the way you are. But if you feel like gaining a few gold pieces, "Gitting Gud (Enough)", and making friends in the process, Odds' is the place for you. Don't forget that ED2 and ED3 classes are forming right now. So come on down and learn a great dungeon the way it's supposed to be run.


Saturday Starter Sessions: Want to fix up your UI, your key binds, your basic PvM tools and skills, or learn a boss? This is the session for you! No perfect rotations or best-in-slot gear needed. We have those things too, but that's not the place to start.


Depending on numbers and interest, I can run a boss, take people through ED2 or ED3 (to start with), or demonstrate how to die at a boss with style, panache, and advanced swearing.


All drops will be celebrated in the Delta House. Ask for "Bluto". Must bring own toga.


(Coming in the following weeks: "Imperfect Elite Dungeons", "Raksha: Hilarious Mood Barney Hacking", "Watch an Old Man Learn a Boss", and much more. Maybe even a clan drop competition [Rigged])



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Have to cancel tonight (06/APR)

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Thanks, Wha! Thoroughly ripped off from Dodgeball! 🙂 

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Im super ready for this! I will see you there Odds!


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