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Self Assign Roles in Discord


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Please take a moment to pop into discord, and fill out the self assign roles section. it is in the PVM category, below the chat category. 


Once you enter this channel, you will see a list of roles and their descriptions. There are roles for PVM, minigames, and also dungeoneering.  There is also an events role so you can get a ping when an event is about to start.  As well as a weeb club role, that unlocks a chat room for dedicated weeb chat :) 


The way this works, is you will react to the emote corresponding to the activity you want to self assign in. it will be at the bottom of the role description. just click on the reaction that is already there for that role, and you will recieve the role. 


Once this is done, you will now have this role in the server.  And any time someone mentions this role, you will get pinged (receive a notification). 


You may need to go to your notification settings on the discord and edit how you receive notifications in our server, to cater to the use of this system.


You can ping any role by going to a chat channel, and typing @ in the text box, and then proceed to type the first few characters of that role. then you will receive a popup menu where you can select the role you are looking for. 


Then, for this example, you would click directly on the shadow reef role. and then the mention will be included in your message. 


you can type something along the lines of "I'm doing ed3 in 30 minutes, who wants to come along?" 


once the message is sent, everyone who has self assigned that role will receive a notification for your message. 


There are no requirements for self assigning. you don't even necessarily have to know how to do that boss/activity. you can assign yourself for roles on bosses you want to learn, and you might find a team to tag along with and learn a boss you've been wanting to try. In the example below, @Uzil05 and @Not Maple also tagged along and got their first kills at vorago.


When applicable, you can also post the role bot via friendly bot. to do this, just type:

-host _____

for example, if you are hosting Vorago, you can type 

-host vorago. and it will prompt friendlybot to post a boss role sorting bot. here is an example of this in use. 


same deal here. react with the emote of the role you want to do during the boss fight. 


Here is a list of all bosses you can have friendly bot generate roll sorter for. you can see this list at any time by typing :


in any chat channel. 




And Finally, it is strongly encouraged to post a recap on the forums, even if it is an impromptu event that is not on the calendar. 



you don't need to tag everyone that came. that's optional. just give a short spiel on what you did and how it went. screenshots are also encouraged but not required. 


Happy Scaping!


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15 hours ago, Blancy said:

There are no requirements for self assigning. you don't even necessarily have to know how to do that boss/activity. you can assign yourself for roles on bosses you want to learn

Well put. Everyone can just assign themselves any role they are interested in, and if/when tagged at Discord, can either join in or not.

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Awesome stuff! Great for beginner PVMers like myself I cant wait to see it in action.

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