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Looking to make money? Water Runes are the answer!


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Whats up forum? Future partyhat owner here with another massive money making and hoarding tip;

Water Runes


These bad boys as of 20211230 are 203gp each! That's almost as much as you paid for a gf in 07 when you played this game on Miniclip!
They've been on the rise since OCT 21st, 2021 and have shown little resistance.



CBA on elaborating why.


So grab your Wicked Hood, abyssal familiars, and pouches and get in on this 30M/hr grind!
Or go to the Mage Area and Rune Store in Varrock to buy them for 17gp each. Super Cheap!

Killing Kalphite Soldiers drop 21-22 Water Runes uncommonly. 

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I did not know this. It seems to me some of the basic items anymore are becoming more and more valuable than they ever were. This is something most people can take advantage of too!


Thanks for sharing - I'm sure this will help someone!

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most people forget that the lumbridge task set ring increases elemental runes per essence 
also important if one has the farming level for them: arcane apoterrasaurs 
extreme runecrafting potions work too, even at level 99
hero's welcome (quest) permanently increases runecrafting yield passively
powerburst of sorcery every 2 minutes
nexus mod and pouch protector relics if abyss running (ideally third relic is persistent rage so you can barricade if anyone tries to pk you)

and if anyone cares why water runes are so expensive: the new best combat spell in the game devours them like that's its job (it is)

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Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a great money making guide that can benefit people of all levels. This makes me want to stop procrastinating and unlock the Abyss so I can make water runes and make bank. Have to do a quest and a miniquest but I have all the pre reqs. 

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