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What’s your favorite thing to do on RuneScape?


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Toss up between Trouble Brewing, Heist, and Stealing Creations. Lots of good memories playing these with friends/clannies. 

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Just now, Beric said:

Toss up between Trouble Brewing, Heist, and Stealing Creations.

You always remind me why you're one of favorite ever people. <3

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I enjoy smiling believe it or not, idk why, just something about the grind to the next level, and then reaching that level that seems satisfying.

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Clues.... Clues..... more Clues..... Skilling while using the Bik Book for more clues.....

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This is not technically an "in game" thing, but looking up old RS pictures or videos from the golden era of the early to mid 2000's haha.

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Clueing, skilling (mostly gathering and crafting pairs, like mining and smithing), dungeoneering, sometimes slayer (depends on my mood), minigames, and achievements.

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