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Mega Duck Pet/Events

Scape Classic

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Hello everyone! Due to the success of last nights hilarious turn out of the Mega Duck I have decided to help those whom are still wanting and had not unlocked the Mega Ducklings Pet in Falador! This is a nostalgic and classic content in the game and as many would say jolly good fun! So I will have only a few requirements from you, our amazing community for these events!


Rules of the event(s)


- Must be a member

- Must have bread provided to create bread crumbs

- Must dress silly for the occasion!

- Most of all have fun!


For most optimal spawns it requires 4-6 players min to spawn the Mega Duck and each event will last an hour up to two depending on the players and there dedication to the team!

If you are interested and or in need of help with the pet post below and let's all have some fun!


See you there & Happy Scaping!


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@Mrs Dewfus It is super fun and everyone has an awesome time doing it!

I am hoping to get a group started on Sunday but will do many more incase it may be missed or cannot attend that particular day.


Hope to see you there!



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