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Ranged or Magic for future PvM


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When it comes to PvM and gear I've invested most in Ranged gear and weapons. I have full normal Sirenic, Ascensions, nightmare gauntlets, fleeting boots and an Essence of Finality (Dark bow). The gear is perked out pretty good as well. The thing i'm missing is the higher tier weapons like Eldritch Cbow, blight bounds and Grico. When it comes to the bosses i kill i mostly kill Nex (going for log).


When it comes to magic my gear and weapons, it's upgraded but not quite like the ranged gear. I've got full Virtus, blast diffusion boots, Nox staff, inq staff. Everything is pretty much perked out with good perks.

But with the new meta and dual wield being so good, new spells and everything my interest for magic have gone up.

After I've got the Nex log (pretty close) i want to start grinding Gwd3 out (Hard mode kera, hard mode glacor to start out) and I'm wondering what the best course of action would be for me. Keep going for ranged and get it even better with grico and higher tier weapons to grind some gwd3 or should I take a step back and start getting the mage gear upgraded? I love ranged, It's my main and I almost always use ranged, but I feel like It's time for a change. Which course of action and what investment would give me the highest return moneywise?


This might be a pretty hard question and I understand that It comes down to myself since I need to enjoy the game. But I want all the PvM experts input on the matter.

And all of this is a step for me, some day I want to get into the higher level bosses and get highter tier gear and i feel like the right choice here can get me a lot closer.


Have a good day!

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8 hours ago, Chabaa said:

After I've got the Nex log (pretty close) i want to start grinding Gwd3 out (Hard mode kera, hard mode glacor to start out) and I'm wondering what the best course of action would be for me.


If you want to solo HM Kerapac magic w/ tank armor and animate dead is very helpful.


I don't do much glacor but from what I see most any style can work there but most people range it cause for that particular boss SGB spec is effective on the boss and chins/dbow are very good for the minion spawn.


Everything is situational really, and as the image Deathcon posted shows what really matters is what you got right now in terms of abilities/gear. If you have greater conc blast but don't have grico magic is going to be the go-to and it will be relatively cheaper to kickstart, (grico and ecb are like 4+ billion)


Range would be fairly effective in most places with just grico and a dbow eof, though. Then you could build up to a sgb eof and ecb.

Great conc is a lot cheaper and so is a T90 wand, and it slaps pretty hard.

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If you range you can do anything, except hard mode zuk would be really bad because of lacking animate dead for the hard-hitting mobs. If you have fsoa and know how to use it effectively and have grimoire activated (necessary for fsoa) then you can beat out range in general DPS but "freeball DPS" (where you use low cooldown thresholds/specials and powerful basics with no set rotation or ultimate) is lacking for magic. An example is arch glacor, where you get an unpredictable amount of time to attack the boss. Another example at a very high level is Solak, where people bring melee as a swap to be able to do some damage when they can't do sun+fsoa.


You really need grico and ecb to make range work. For magic you need gconc and dual wield (the weapons aren't cheap). You could probably do better damage if you sold blightbounds and got dual wield magic and gconc.

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