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New Elite Dungeon/Zamorak Fight/Wilderness Update Teaser


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In case you missed it!  Click ----> HERE <---- for the link to the official page with the announcement.



For those wanting all the juiciest details available about this upcoming content (that's totally you right?), you'll want to join us for this one. Our Deep Dive stream is the ultimate companion to the Legacy of Zamorak Overview with two hours of developer discussions, reveals and detailed info drops.

During the show, you can expect:

  • The big detailed reveal of the Zamorak Boss Fight, Elite Dungeon and the new Rewards
  • A discussion on the new storyline, beginning with a new Quest, and the future direction of RuneScape's Lore
  • A look at the visual direction of the Wilderness Reborn and how we're reviving the fear of the Wilderness
  • Special Guests, Competitions & More!

Where: Twitch.TV/RuneScape and YouTube.com/RuneScape

When: June 25th at 3pm Game Time



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14 minutes ago, Deathcon said:

What're your guys thoughts on no enrage cap?

I love it. It allows folks to push limits and provide a constant challenge. That the enrage applies also to the group dungeon is another thing though. I'm a bit curious as to how that may impact who people do runs with. That, or maybe I'm missing something, but it sounds like this to me.

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1 hour ago, Kris_Kronkle said:

I hope the enrage isn’t solo only. Normally I abhor enrage bosses but partly because they are solo only so maybe this will be the fresh twist needed

They said you can do the enrage on a team as well.  That's what the new high scores for enrage are, and your entire team looks to be featured on it if you get a high enough enrage.

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1 hour ago, Kris_Kronkle said:

Oooo interesting. I mean I know I’ll never be 5k enrage zammy or whatever but still

Yeah, itll be fun going with the squad trying to max enrage though.

I'm always a fan of group content over solo. Hoping this turns out nicely.

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14 minutes ago, Asada said:

was hoping the first ever ‘god boss’ would at least take 10 adventurers to defeat. Disappointing

You could say it would take more.


We dont kill him at all, us "fighting" is just buying time to complete the yeet ritual so he's banned from RS.


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Thanks for the information, thegreatwha! :3


Setting aside the fact that even stalling Zamorak in a fight is a ludicrous concept, this boss is hype! Hopefully they'll do him justice.


The PvM aspect of this will be far beyond my capabilities, but I hope that Story Mode will satiate the lorehound in me. :P


I absolutely love the new concept of the Wilderness! This is the perfect opportunity for long-awaited updates, and it's great to see that they're making use of it. Optional PvP was a long time coming: the current state of Wildy is a relic of RS2, now an old and defunct game. Making the area dangerous through monsters is a great idea; I'm sure we all recall the chills of coming across revenants back in the day. Permanent aggression and multi-way combat should help a lot in keeping the area dangerous for skilling and whatnot.


Graphical updates are always nice, too!


Overall, this is exciting stuff! Hopefully the full reveal video will be juicy. I'm looking forward to it all! :D

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New rewards!








Melee armor set

[T70 armor bonus - T100 damage bonus]



New codices


Melee ability - Chaos Roar; next abil is double dmg (can spec with ezk and bleed is doubled)

Sun/DS codex - PF sun/ds WITH the minor damage dot




Combine slivers with other components @ invention bench to make enchantments

consume enchantments provide greater buffs for certain equipment



Hexhunter bow + mats = Hexhunter enchantment

Consume the enchantment

(consumes hexbow)

Hex effect will be stronger when using the bow.


They mentioned a few items;


Terrasaur maul

Inquisitor staff

Kerapac wristwraps

Gloves of passage

Nightmare gaunts

(they said 9 on release, dunno what the others are)


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Just now, Rain said:

Thanks for sharing! Wym by consumes hexbow? You lose your current hexhunter bow and have to buy a new one and get the boosted effects on the new one?

Correct, goodbye flanking inquisitor staff you served me well

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Current thoughts, new spec seems entirely balanced around having ecb eof to keep up with other styles but idk guess time will tell, inquis buff could be interesting since a lot of bosses that are good gp are susceptible to it, how much we wanna bet on release 2 piece havoc switch for other style ults will be a thing which would be omegalul for magic who uses 3 ults in a rotation already.

or even better 4 piece switch to ult with boosted adren then switch to range or mage lol

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Something else that wasnt mentioned:


The elite dungeon can change slightly based on enrage. What I mean by this is

That the monster packs will change at certain points to other monsters.


"You might run toward a barrier with some mages, and at higher enrage they will turn into a pack of greater demons instead"

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