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papalokiwolf's ballon frag experience bwaawaawaaaa, how'd YOU Do?


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was ok I i guess, no big money items


225,000 frag
341 white + 55
358 blue + 55
48  purp + 5
56,950,000  gold 
21,275         oddments
3100      feather +
5200      spring +
152     sml xp lmp + 
122     sml skll bon star + 
167        med xp lmp + 
149      med xp star +
39     lrg xp lmp +
38    lrg xp star + 
109 triangle sand +
108 square  +
75 donut + 
132 plain za +
132 slice cake +
114 choc slice +
disco feet +
disco legs
disco top
disco hands
one of many title xxxxx +
boogie bow +
cool disco feet
cool disco leg
cool disco hands
cool disco top
super disco hands
super disco feet


Ge gains  maybe 10,000,000

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Holy cow that is a LOT of fragments!  I didn't keep track of mine, but this is awesome!

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I'm sorry you didn't get a Golden Balloon. :(


You did such an amazing job collecting all those fragments! Nicely done!


I love the recorded data; very cool! Enjoy your loot. :D

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I opened every day or two, and didn't keep track of rewards, but one golden balloon did contain 300m.

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That's awesome you tracked it! Not sure how many overall frags I ended up with, but I did get a gold one :) .  

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Wow!! much props to having this all kept track of haha!!


I turned in around 30k frags, no idea what color baloons, I know I did not get a gold one! 

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Thanks, sometimes i get a little anal/ocd on collecting and i really wanted to what loot brak down was. was hard at times cuz i am also instant self gratification ho too


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