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Iron Ranged


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Is it just me, or is the curve for acquiring ranged equipment WAY steeper than that of other styles? (for irons)


at 70 Att/def you need 70 Smithing to make your melee weapon/gear


At 60 ranged you need 77 crafting for a red dhide body, 90 fletching to make an elder shortbow, and 94 fletching for a dragon cbow.


The wiki guide says to use difficult to obtain armor sets like demon slayer for some level tiers (or 84 crafting for black dhide...)


Am I missing something? Or are there just huge gaps in ranged equipment that require insane skilling lvls? My ranged is seriously falling behind, and it's because I have no idea what to do about gear! 😧


Any tips appreciated <3 

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The result of one skill getting a rework and the other being left in the dust. :reporter: I would not suggest crafting your ranged gear. 


The wiki has some ironman-specific guides for armour and weapons that'll be more relevant to you. 

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Irons rely on skills heavily. It’s the way the game was meant to be played before the grand exchange ever existed. If you were wanting to iron life it, then I’d highly recommend getting divination up for porters, then going for 99 mining and smithing for masterwork. Then questing for vanquisher (75 hybrid weapon for 150 quest points) or keep questing for sunspear. For ranged sadly you will need to level crafting up for d hide or you can kill dagonnoths for spined armor. Magic t65 from lunar quests, and/or farm kril for 75 subj. I could go on but instead if you have any questions on iron life hit me up in game!

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3 hours ago, Beric said:

I would not suggest crafting your ranged gear. 

This. Ideally you would work up to being able to kill Kree-ara for armadyl (ranged POWER armor). In the meantime, you could work up to being able to do Big Game hunter, and can make yourself some dino armor (which is only ranged TANK armor). But again, need to lvl up crafting for that. I'm not sure what your crafting lvl is, but you can grab a gem bag from the DG place (you may need to run a few floors or do a few elite dungeon trash to have enough points), and then park yourself at Al-Kharid gem mine, stacking up a bunch of gems and then cutting them. Takes time, but everything in IronLife takes time.

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Thanks for the tips guys!


Yeah, I'm currently working on the Invention grind as well, so I've been spending plenty of time at Al Kharid Gems. 


I figured gunning for Kree might be the play. I'll look into masterwork path too!

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