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Help me out, feeling a bit lost! 😦


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Hey guys,


So as mentioned I started a new account and one of the biggest reasons for that is there is a lot about the game that has changed. I might bring my main back to member status in the near future but wondering how bossing works now?? Are there bosses you can solo, or so you still need a team? What bosses are popular now that have good drops?? What events or minigames would you recommend i learn more about? For bosses what would be the min lvl that you recommend?


I remember i used to do solo boss runs but wouldn't last long but Right now feel a but over welded because I remember i would make my own spells and everything and now just feel like I need to learn everything over again.


Thanks in advanced for any recommendations 😉

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1 hour ago, Grymreaper0 said:

Are there bosses you can solo, or so you still need a team?

There are definitely bosses you can solo.

1 hour ago, Grymreaper0 said:

What bosses are popular now that have good drops??

Good drops are subjective to your point of view, sure I could say go kill some end game boss for X drop thats 1b+

As someone who is in the early-mid game id wager that Dagannoth kings/ would be an easier task. You might have to mess around with safespotting Rex and avoiding getting Prime's attention but it's something with minimal  danger and decent money.

1 hour ago, Grymreaper0 said:

What events or minigames would you recommend i learn more about?

Minigames in the sense of Castlewars/Pest Control/Soul Wars are kind of dead content/pointless beyond tasks for diaries.

Some would classify Shattered Worlds as a minigame - It's useful to unlock bladed dive though.


I'm not too sure what you mean by events unless you're talking about these https://runescape.wiki/w/Distractions_and_Diversions

1 hour ago, Grymreaper0 said:

Right now feel a but over welded because I remember i would make my own spells and everything and now just feel like I need to learn everything over again.

Tends to be the case when you're used to clicking on a monster and just eating food waiting for it to die.


Take some time to look at what combat abilities you have available and understand what each does - this sounds simple and has that "have you tried turning it off and on again" vibe but realistically you'd be surprised at how many people don't read them or didnt know their purpose.

As far as making spells - you still need runes to auto-attack with the old spells (eg. fire wave/air surge etc) but EoC abilities dont consume runes*, only when you auto-attack

* Certain spells on the ancients spellbook don't apply to this rule.

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solak, croesus, vorago, raids, nex aod, are all bosses you need a team for. rest you can solo, well they did make it so you can solo solak i guess but to start you would probably need a team. i suggest gettign combat skills up during slayer now, probably until you hit like 90s for combat stats then you can start doing bossing and last for a decent time. looked up both your accounts and for grym i just recommend leveling it. if you do restore your main, idk what gear you have but like solo nex would probably be good or araxxor to start, they are the start of like high tier pvm. or you could do like raksha or any of the elite dungeons you can solo as well although you can go up to duo on raksha and up to 3 players on the elite dungeons to make them a bit easier. people do croesus a fair bit as well, but it recommends 80 in fishing, woodcutting, hunter or mining to start it so you can collect the stuff at a decent speed, idr if there is a construction level they recommend or not, but croesus is the only skilling boss in runescape and its a safe death and it makes a lot of money so can go with groups with that once you get the levels. 


also yeah as dcon said shattered worlds for bladed dive is really good, and basically minigames are dead at this point, you might find some people playing the spotlighted events because those give thaler but apart from that no one really does them anymore.

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Thank you @Deathconand @Halu, both very helpful. As far as bosses go it seems that a lot has changed. The only boss I recognize in that list is nex. Does none of the God bosses exist anymore than? 


Here are the skills of my main account, Combat levels are pretty good, just not sure what armour I have. 



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apparently gonna add in every boss after you left so i guess this will be a big post, luckily no character limits lul. also all the bosses you knew before are still in, might not be as much profit as before but still there


so everything after 2016 huh, well god wars dungeon 2 came out, that would be pretty easy for you depending on your gear, which from back then like at least rax was so probably t90s, or at least t80s i guess. so anyway gwd2 is like medium difficulty apart from telos, telos is one of the hardest bosses in runescape but it does have a enrage mechanic so only at higher enrages is it so bad. there is helwyr which drops t85 mage wand and orb, which are t80 damage and t90 accuracy, which will be the same for the other 3 normal bosses there, as well as a crest of seren which can be made into mage armor with the dormant armor you get in gwd2. then there is vindicta and gorvek, which is the zaros boss in there, drops the dragonrider lance weapon as well as crest to be made into melee armor. gregorovic is the sliske boss in there, drops shadow glaive and oh shadow glaive, which are range weapons, and drops a sliske crest that can be made into hybrid armor. then avarys and nymora, zamoraks boss, they drop t85 dual wield melee weapons, as well as a crest thats made into range armor. they are pretty easy, kinda boring though, greg can be afked with decent gear so its pretty good. and vindicta can be afked with animate dead spell and good mage armor. guess you can afk the others somehow but those 2 are the easier ones to afk.


now onto elite dungeons, there are 3 of them, technically 4 of them if you count zamoraks encounter but he is also in god wars dungeon 3 so you can put him in either. think of elite dungeons as like raids in other games, you go room to room unlocking the path, killing mobs and minibosses till you get to the main big bosses. there are 3 main bosses in each one, elite dungeon 1 is in the arc reagion, which is a high level zone that you can access after completing the quest impressing the locals. the main thing in ed1 is the scales that is dropped by seiryuu at the end, which you can get like 8-100 something and also has a chance of being doubled. probably the most consistent money for the elite dungeons. 


ed2 is all about dragons, also the entrance is in the top right wilderness. again, 3 main bosses, bunch of minibosses, bunch of adds, except this time each boss drops a specific codex. astellarn the first boss drops the greater flurry codex, verak lith drops greater fury, black stone dragon drops greater barge, those are what you will target in that one.


ed3 is underwater, entrance is on the dungoeneering place to the right of that area. same thing, first 2 bosses dont drop much, last one the ambassador drops the 3 pieces for the eldritch crossbow, thats what you will target for that one. 


ed4 is the zamorak boss which is the big bad boss of godwars dungeon 3 which came out like last year into this year. he drops a lot of things, recommend if you can get some people to take you, he drops pieces for the new t95 bow as well as some codex's. has enrage mechanic up to 4k like telos and arch glacor.


godwars dungeon 3, like gwd2, has 4 bosses and a big bad, which i already said. like i said in the other post, croesus is a skilling boss, wiki and most people recommend like lvl 80 hunter, mining, fishing and woodcutting to do. deaths are safe so its pretty nice. drops the cryptbloom armor which is bis with animate dead spell for a lot of things. also drops a few more skilling things that are decent money. also drops the scripture of bik, which is a skilling book you can use to gather clues


kerepec was the first one released in gwd3, he is involved in some quests before and this is like his ending spot. normal mode is easy, hard mode is hard ish, at least at the end. drops pieces for the the fractured staff of armadyl, which is t95 staff and bis for mage. also drops a codex and wristwraps. can also drop the scripture of jas, dps book


arch glacor was added after kerepac, was made so that new players could learn how to pvm. there are 5 abilities you can turn off to help you practice in normal mode, pretty easy. hard mode has a enrage mechanic similar to telos, goes all the way up to 4k like telos and arch glacor, drops a frozen orb that can make the new t85 dw weapons you can craft with materials dropped from the arch glacor into t95 dw weapons, as well as a codex, a item to enhance some gloves, and scripture of wen, which is a dps book.


then zuk, kinda like fight cave and fight kiln, can drop a stone after you complete a run without dying to enhance the kiln capes, flawless hardmode run lets you combine said capes. in hardmode, he drops pieces to the t95 sword, there are 3 pieces, as well as in normal mode as well, the magma tempest codex as well as the scripture of ful, which is a dps book. 



vorago is the giant rock boss thats in the little cave north of falador loadstone, he has been there since 2013, drops seismic wand and orb as well as tectonic energy, people sometimes run it on good weeks



nex aod, is in the same lobby area as normal nex, just in the south wall in the lobby area you now have to click on to go into there. people sometimes run it, usaully good for 7 man teams. drops the preasul wand and orb, t92 dw magic items, as well as the praesul codex, which unlocks the t99 prayers



raksha is the big scary dinosaur on anachronia, that makes it so you love to prayer swap (every attack is a different style). good to learn, drops greater ricochet codex which is a bonkers basic ability for range, greater chain which is a pretty good aoe ability for magic, divert which is meh, the 3 power style boots, and a show spike to upgrade those boots. 



rex matriarchs came out last year, not bad mid tier bosses, they drop "hearts" that you can make with 10 of each style dagganoth king ring to make a new upgraded ring from those, pretty good to have. they have their own style ring as well as each of them can drop the heart of the berserker, each type of ring needs the corresponding style ring from dks to create. all of them also drop pieces to a t82 spear that has t90 damage and t75 accuracy, its like 11m you can also just buy it if you want it. 



solak is the giant tree boss, the area is kinda west of the incandescent colony spawn, which is kinda like south west of castle wars underneath the poison waste. solak is pretty end game, you need good armor / weapons plus a good team to kill him, he drops the blightbound cbows and oh cbow, t92 range dw weapons, as well as the erethdors grimoire, which is a scripture that makes you crit a lot more. 


i guess the magister. needs 115 slayer to kill, works for one of the slayer assigments that are in there, think he counts as a soul devourer for task, but doesnt get the slayer helm buff applied to him. he isnt great to kill anymore, he drops phylacteries which you open to get scraps of paper to make 3 blessings to put on a khopesh of the kharidian (t85 khopesh) as well as the offhand one to make a t92 version of either. no special or anything, once we got the arch glacor it dropped heavily in price. main hand t92 khopesh is 63m atm lul, oh is like 150m is you need a new melee weapon.




thats all the new bosses? i think? its close enough and should catch you back up a bit now

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Thank you @HaluWow! I've definitely missed a lot, I'm definitely going to research on all the information you sent me and for now I'll focus on Grymreaper0. I think I'll go back to my main in a couple months once I get a computer again because I don't know about gaming bosses on the mobile app lol 😂.

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I'm definitely behind you in stats but this post has some helpful information for me in it. Currently I'm just AFKing in the abyss to get my stats up while I do school lol, hoping to hit some bossing later this weekend.

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14 minutes ago, Grymreaper0 said:

What's the Abyss??

It's a plane accessed through talking to the Mage of Zamorak, who is located in low-level Wildy approximately north of the Edgeville Bank. You need to have completed the "Enter the Abyss" miniquest first.


The Abyss is the location for the prime Runecrafting method: it is highly intensive but offers large amounts of XP as well as (with the right runes) GP. It's also often used for easy AFK combat training, which is likely what Twiggy was referring to.


You should peruse the wiki page for more information. :) 

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