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Let's try something a little bit different

My Wand

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As anybody who may know me in game knows, I have one very clear favorite activity in runescape and it is PVM. I find it to be runescapes biggest attraction, but in the same boat I see several players highly intimidated by it and unwilling to begin trying to learn it, so I propose in this thread we do an "adopt-a-noob" type of thing, so here's what I propose. If you want to begin a journey into pvm, copy the small form below, and fill it out. 



PVM Experience:

Interesting Bosses:



Current best armor/weapons: 

screenshot of boss kc screen (required to prevent cheating):


I'm going to be using an honor system seeing as this is clannies and trust that none of you will be using skilling alts or anything like dragging your player through zamorak 100%'s teaching them nothing to skew the odds in your favor, this is intended to create new strong pvmers built up from the fundamentals already strong players have developed, and potentially find people some new pvm partners :)


Experienced players, reply to an aspiring pvmers content you'd be interested in mentoring and add each other in game. 


Now, I know it can be difficult sometimes to just get people to do things for others out of the goodness of their hearts, because of this fact I'm not going to try to get you to do this. After a match please comment your name + the player you've chosens name, at the end of the month (November 1st) the player team that's generated the highest value in boss drops *in the underlings name to prevent things like carrying elite dungeons* will receive 500m per player so be sure to track all of their drops and post them in your matched player comment! 


Note: if you wish to add to this prize pool please contact me in game RSN 'Not My Wand' and we can discuss contributing! 

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RSN: rain check

PVM Experience: lots

Interesting Bosses: vorago

Goals: vit pet

Availability: tbd

Current best armor/weapons: bis

screenshot of boss kc screen (required to prevent cheating):


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I love this idea!

RSN: Parcival
PVM Experience: Most of my boss kills are at GW2,GW3 and Rax. I've mostly just done solo PVM so far but I think i'm ready to start learning some group content. I can prayer switch pretty well, I have a good understanding of defensives, and my dps is getting there but has a long way to go.
Interesting Bosses: Vorago, Telos, Solak, Zamorak, Raksha, hm Zuk
Goals: Reaper Crew (need Vorago, Solak, and AOD)
Availability: 4pm-10pm PST
Current best armor/weapons:  Virtus/Sirenic/masterwork, Inq+/Hexhunter+/scythe/seismics/ascensions/ 1b gp to spend on upgrades
screenshot of boss kc screen (required to prevent cheating):

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