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    30 Nov 2018      02 Dec 2018

    Grab your buddy and spend a bit of time together at some point this weekend. What you do is up to the two of you! 
    Assigned pairings: 
    Wolf Eyes and AQuiteGuy 
    Deathcon and Medical Rope
    Ikuu and Afro Deagle
    Minikillers and Edem Alive
    Bluee Iris and Isurugi Noe
    Afternine and Windeagles 
    Kris Kronkle and Nini Paw
    Gladzgasmic and A Tree Shade
    Beric and Apoc X
    Crovus and Grave Wizard
    Sir Berry and Dinosmores
    Tristan and Cressidali

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    The Gladiatorz 2 Comments

    01 Dec 2018      16 Dec 2018

    Sign up here if you're interested in participating in this year's clan gift exchange! 

    Gift value is capped at 5M, but you do not need to spend that much. This is about being creative and fun, not about how much gold you can throw around.
    Sign ups close on the 16th, after which I will randomly assign you someone to put together a gift for. Keep your person secret! 
    Once you have your gift ready please either drop it off with me (@Beric) (or any Rider+ if I'm not available), or pop in at the gift exchange to hand it to your gift recipient yourself. 
    Gift exchange is on the 20th, one hour after reset.
    Beric Wolf Eyes Lykenlova Dinosmores Deathcon Amuseddragon WindEagles Cressidali Isurugi Noe Shepherdc88 Tristan Sansa Devin AQuiteGuy Bluee Iris Lord Skyhawk Thegreatwha Fiery April Linda FluffehOne Medic Roby Dagerexiz Sir Berry CaptainSuh Afternine  Tyxi Afro Deagle aPrayer xDeni Magnumalt James MiniMoonPies TokenPanda

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    01 Dec 2018 03:00 AM      04:00 AM

    Who: You!
    What: We are going to kill play with Gregorovic 
    Where: W14 Greg's Place (GWD2)
    Additional Info:
    Nova Defense FC 

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    01 Nov 2018 11:00 PM      16 Dec 2018 11:00 PM

    1 vs 1 // Boxing // Best out of 3
    Want to crown yourself as the next The Gladiatorz DM-King or Queen? Sign up for the Death Match competition now!
    You can sign up for this tournament by posting a reply in this topic. Sign ups close on Sunday November 11. After the 11th, I'll put the contenders in a big bowl and announce who's fighting who.

    As soon as your name comes up you have a few days to meet with your competitor and do a best out of 3 rounds in the Duel Arena, either in EoC or Legacy mode. When the two competitors can't agree on the mode, the fight will be in Legacy. After the fight, please post your 2 wins in this topic. When all fights are over, the next round will start. Etc. etc. until we have the undisputed The Gladiatorz 2018 Autumn Death Match Champion

    PS: Eating, praying, weaponry etc. is not allowed. Consider it a naked fight.

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    The Gladiatorz 39 Comments
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