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    28 Dec 2018 02:00 AM      03:00 AM

    Important:  Before you read any further, this is a LootShare Mass event. Whatever drops RNGeesus decides to give you, you can keep for yourself. If you get a 10m drop its all yours. If you want to share it, feel free, but it is not required. Lets try to get some lower levels to come and hopefully get some needed money to get their levels up. If you are not sure how to get LS active please contact me before the event and I will help you. @M46n1f1c3n7
    Who: Gladz Members (specifically I want people who want to get into PVMing that haven't been)
    What: Helwyr GWD2
    When: 9:00 Eastern 12/27/18
    Why: To help whoever we can to get money, so they can level up, to come do more PVM
    Friends Chat: Edem Alive
    Gear: You do not have to be maxed, you do not need great gear. With enough people the boss should go down quickly. That being said, try to have Bandos if meleeing or Arma if ranging. Here's a pic I lifted from the wiki of melee gear suggestions.
    Shields are not a necessity but if you have one to stall adrenaline between kills that will make kills go quicker. Feel free to bring whatever gear you like. Shep says range is best if you don't want to deal with the melee attacks.

    These are the special moves that Helwyr does (not included are 2 wolf spawns that die quickly) in case you have not been before.

    How to get there:

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