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    03 Jan 2019 02:00 AM      04:00 AM

    Recommended read: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Solak/Strategies
    Since this is the first of hopefully more Solak events, there will be 6 open slots for dps
    or you can base if you so choose, but I will volunteer as base for this one since I would like the practice!
    This is a 2 HOUR event (expecting the 2nd hr to be slightly better), if you are unable to make it for the full 2 hours you should say so prior to the event so I can find a replacement!!
    Exceptions ofc for personal matters, but please keep everyone's time in mind!
    Please use your better judgement when asking for an invite, if you believe in yourself, I'll believe in you
    START TIME: JANUARY 2ND AT 9PM EST (2 HOURS AFTER RESET!!) Invites will start 30 minutes prior (8:30PM EST 1.5 HOURS after reset)
    WORLD AND LOCATION!!: World 6 at the Solak entrance (Options to get there are below and required)

    DISCLAIMER~~~ Requirements are below normal solak fc standards, and may be lowered further based off the results we find!! This is a LEARNER FRIENDLY event, so please keep that in mind if someone who is less geared is invited! Gear =/= skill !! We will see if our stronger clan members can allow for others to gain experience at the boss! Strong performances may lead to more impromptu events  so lets just have fun!
    TeamSpeak will be required for anyone new to the boss but you should still come if you wanna talk to us about the kill!  this is just so you'll at least hear us if you're doing something wrong, I know some people with higher kc prefer to listen to music and concentrate, so I don't want to hinder them for now, I'll change it if anything goes bad.
    Going to just adapt the raid gear requirement :
    (only bring melee or under t90 weapons if SUPREMELY confident in your abilities, perked weapons and armour is highly recommended, if you need help with this feel free to pm me in game!)
    More requirements slightly adapted from raid post:
    Other things we'll require:
    Reading the below text guide!  
    A way to travel to Solak!! there are 2 options!! Be maxed and use the max portal! OR Have the fairy tale quests done and unlocked the way to get there by fairy ring LOL (i havent done the quest so can't help but make sure it works prior to attending!!!) There are scuffed ways to group teleport with yourself and an alt, but this will not be optimal after practice kills are over!  
    6x Dominion Mines per kill, expect to use up a lot after fails, we have to re-place them!  
    Bladed Dive unlocked and dual wield weapons to be brought into the instance! Bladed dive gets reset when you deal with a green pad, so it'll allow you to get back to your sunshine faster  
    Onslaught (Mazcab ability codex)  
    Stun ability readily available outside of a revo section for p3 and p4! (Tight bindings/Binding shot (Range) Deep impact/Impact/Asphyxiate (Mage) 
    Going to try and keep these as the requirements to see how it goes, all kills till we get very close will be done in practice mode depending on a team vote, if one person says practice mode then we stay practicing.
    Please go watch anything you can find on Solak, not required but highly recommended so you have an idea of what this text guide is talking about!
    Solak - 7-Man DPS Text Guide
    from reddit user WasV3 (If anyone finds a good video guide of a 7man kill let me know!)
    ·         During P1 there are a total of 8 roots that spawn on the outside of the arena;
    ·         Assign 1 root to every person, except for the tank who gets the two south roots.
    ·         Stall to 100% outside with a dummy and join in on an instance.
    ·         Once all 7 are in the instance, you'll want to place dominion mines on the south roots. The 3 people who were assigned roots on the west side mine the south west root, while the people were assigned on the east side mine the south east root.
    ·         Once you have mined the south root, you'll want to get into position, standing close to the root you were assigned. Being spread out helps with the green shield mechanic.
    Phase 1
    ·         Sunshine and Adrenaline Pot as the kill starts and do an opening thresh rotation.
    ·         Green circles will spawn and try to go to the closest one in your area, should you see that one is open use resonance.
    ·         The tank will bring Solak back to the middle if they had to move so you can use your sunshine
    ·         Use resonance as the bar above your head fills (use debilitate if you don't have resonance.
    ·         Finish your sunshine on Solak, you should be able to get Solak to aroun 7.0 m - 7.2 m depedning on your DPS. If its at 7.4 m or higher you likely aren't getting the 2nd root skip and are better off focusing on getting roots down.
    ·         Once your sunshine is up you are tasked with killing your individual root, it will have 80k HP.
    ·         You will be able to mine the root 1 minute after you place your initial mines, this is usually ~45 seconds into the kill, this makes it so you only have to do 60k HP.
    ·         You should be able to kill your root before the next mechanic. The tank has 2 roots to deal with, but the roots are at 20k HP each because of the mines meaning they should be able to kill it faster than yours
    ·         The next mechanic comes at ~52 seconds into the kill, the screen will shake and 2 of the 7 people on the team will get a timer and an arrow.
    ·         If you got a timer run to the arrow and anticipate, moving away when its at 1. Ideally let your team know where your arrow is.
    ·         If you did not get a timer move off the wall and use anticipate.
    ·         Clean up all the remaining roots, sometimes there is one on very low HP due to the DPS having to abandon their roots with the timer taking precedence.
    ·         You should be able to sunshine again at around 1:05 to 1:10 kill time, sunshine as soon as you can, the tank will bring Solak back to the middle once roots are killed;
    ·         If it is past 1:20 its not worth using sunshine and you are better of just using thresholds.
    ·         You can get a full sunshine rotation off before the arms and legs mechanic.
    ·         Try to space out your sunshines so that you do not have to move for the blight AOE.
    ·         The blight AOE will be given to 3 people, it hits ~4k and you are able to resonance it. If you are not comfortable with 1-tick resonance, use devotion to help you resonance.
    ·         There is a 2nd blight AOE bomb
    ·         If you did not get the first one you can resonance it, if you also get the first one you can tank it as you'll have time to Soul Split, make sure you have ~4.5k HP to survive the hit.
    ·         Shard Solak as he is sitting down
    ·         Solak should be somewhere between 6.0 m - 6.6 m HP at this point, if he is above that threshold it will be very difficult to get the 2nd root skip
    ·         Kill the arms;
    ·         The timers are very slow in a 7-man, make sure you use chain as it hits both arms, and use some thresholds
    ·         As they face south, you are able to use flanking from the north
    ·         Kill the Legs;
    ·         The Legs can be nearly taken out by a team of detonates, everyone should detonate and release when its over 100%
    ·         Sunshine + Adrenaline potion as soon as you are back up to 100%, this should allow you to get 1-2 abilities off on the legs before they die
    ·         The core will spawn in the middle
    ·         Much like the arms/legs they face south so you can flank from the north. Do a threshold rotation on the orb, this should get it under 500k
    ·         Solak will stand back up and you'll have ~15 seconds of sunshine left which you can get the 2nd threshold rotation in under
    ·         Tank will turn the boss facing south so that all the DPS can use flanking and help get it to 6.0 m.
    ·         Getting it to 6.0 m skips all the other mechanics in the phase except for Arms/Legs/Core
    ·         As long as its below 6.6 m HP when SOlak stand back up you should have no problem getting to 6.0 m before he goes back to the start of the phase.
    ·         Re-do Arms/Legs/Core however this time you can either Sunshine when the legs spawn, Meta + Sigil when the core spawns or Onslaught on the Core to kill it.
    ·         Should you not reach 6.0m HP, you have to do all that over again, except for on the 2nd time you aren't mining south but you are mining your own root. This means that you have to help the tank out south. Focus on the roots over Solak as you should be able to get to 6.0m fairly quickly after dealing with the roots.
    ·         Phase 1 Ends when the core reaches 0 HP, when that happens get to the SW corner
    Phase 2
    ·         Get to the SW corner after core dies
    ·         A purple smoke pillar will spawn, kill it using thresholds and basics.
    ·         When it’s around ~25k HP have a DPS click on Meretheil which will spawn a green circle in the middle
    ·         The green circle will clear all your stacks, run/BD to it after the pillar is dead
    ·         When you get the cleanse message, surge to the blue ring that spawns where the pillar died.
    ·         You will be sent to the upper level where there is this giant orb, spam click on it and it will take 10k damage per click (less damage if you have more stacks).
    ·         When you get brought back down, Surge to the SE corner and repeat the process. Should you kill the pillar too quickly do not bother cleansing as you won't have time. Avoid the middle as it damages you
    ·         After going up two times, the orb should be dead meaning it will no longer be dropping bombs on you
    ·         The tank will have taken out the NW pillar and will be working on the NE pillar when you get there, throw 1-2 abilities on there to help out the tank.
    ·         Sunshine on the north wall by the torches, once the final pillar is dead Solak will be able to go past 5.6 m HP and will release AOE bomb over the entire arena.
    ·         The north wall is a quasi-safe spot as you will rarely get hit, if a bomb gets close to the north wall, disperse out on the other side of the torches, debilitate/reflect/resonance/eat up if necessary
    ·         When the AOE bombs are done do not click on the golden thing that appears near you, that is for the tank to do.
    ·         Solak will raise his arm and say a speech about raining on you, halfway through his speech you will want to use debilitate and then reflect. Make sure you are 1-2 squares away from the tank and do not move out of the golden shield
    ·         Count the bombs, after the 4th one hits you run south and use resonance. This should heal you to full HP or very close.
    ·         Anticipate and then Sunshine as you will have an opportunity to attack Solak with very little interruptions.
    ·         A random person will get targeted by Solak, this will stun them and force them to move, if you get chosen go back to your sunshine and continue to DPS
    ·         Depending on how well your teams DPS is, the phase will either end now, or you will have to do a second rain attack
    ·         Should you have to do a 2nd rain attack, you can do the same thing as before with debilitate and then reflect, but this time if you leave the circle after the 4th bomb you have to have devotion up or it will pop your resonance.
    ·         Surge south as the Phase ends, back to where the green circle was on p2
    Phase 3 (Outside only)
    I decided not to cover the inside portion of p3 for length purposes
    ·         As soon as the team is close to the green circle, click to cleanse so that everyone stacks get reset to 0.
    ·         Sunshine and Adrenaline Potion in the middle of the arena, this allows you to flank Solak
    ·         When he starts to shake you can soul split helping you heal up to full.
    ·         When Solak stands up use anticipate and prepare to use a stun in 2 abilities, ~50% of the team has to stun Solak or an increasing bleed will damage the team. It has a voice-over cue
    ·         The tank will start charging the second sigil, you'll want to take a couple steps towards the tank so you do not get dragged as Solak moves.
    ·         Onslaught once you get to 100% After your first sunshine, this will usually happen during the second shake
    ·         After the 2nd shake, 3 members of the team will get targeted with blight bombs, these bombs are more deadly than on p1 as they create roots between the 3 people when they go off, meaning they need to get away from the DPS pile. For these bombs you want to make sure you anticipate before using resonance as its always followed up by getting stunned.
    ·         I have devised a strategy where you release the bombs near the previous sigil, as shown by this pictureThis allows you to still attack Solak while also not killing the team
    ·         Repeat this until Solak is at 800k HP and Erethdor is dead. Make sure Solak has 10 shards.
    Phase 4 (outside only)
    Tank is on the inside
    ·         Run North behind Solak all grouped up in a pile, use natural instinct as the red message pops up, build back up to 100% and use sunshine + Adrenaline potion, do a sunshine rotation
    ·         Make sure you Asphyxiate and don't forget about it, if not the team will get wiped with 11k hits. (stunning the boss can make you avoid a large hit if timed correctly)
    ·         When you get a bar over your head use reprisal and make sure you are 9k HP +, you will get hit by both blight bombs causing 9k in damage and a massive reprisal hit, task one person with shattering.
    ·         If done right the phase will be over before your 2nd Wild Magic and Asphyxiate


    Event details

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    03 Jan 2019 04:00 AM      04:59 AM

    No Jade, this is not a mega duck event
    What are we doing? 
    Nex: Angel of Death, group boss encounter
    Where are we going? 
    Meeting up the Nex bank, in God Wars Dungeon 1 
    All takes place on w14 (switch for lag if needed), on clan TeamSpeak, and in my group (TokenPanda)
    Who can attend? 
    Anyone and Everyone who meet the listed requirements 
    The Frozen key is required to access Nex 
    T80+ augmented power-armor and T80+ augmented weapons for magic / ranged, though T90+ are highly recommended 
    You must have at least watched a guide and have a moderate understanding of the mechanics. (I have a couple guides linked at the bottom )
    Why would I come? 
    The Dank Loots, The KC, The Boss Pet Chance, The Collections, The People, The Experience, The FunTimesTM
    When will it take place? 
    TODAY 11:00 PM EST (4 hours after reset)

    Additional Information? 
    Guide Links:     DPS Equipment Set-up   -   Overview   -   In-depth
    Please be ready as soon as possible - This is where I mention that everyone is taking time away from other things to make this event possible. Lets try not to keep our fellow clan mates waiting too long.
    Please stay aware of mechanics / ask questions when necessary - Some of us may be a bit unfamiliar with boss mechanics. This is fine, in fact it is expected of newcomers, and even experienced players can forget or make mistakes. Sometimes things can be a little confusing, but understanding and avoiding these mechanics is imperative to the entire team's survival and the success of a kill. 
    If you have any questions at all about anything, please feel free to ask at any time. This is one of the major reasons why TeamSpeak is so essential, especially for high level bosses like AoD
    Thanks everyone. I'll see you there!! 
    Basic Overview of Mechanics:
    This is NOT a replacement for watching a guide. This is simply to act as a reminder for those who have already attended and or want a quick refresher of some things.
    Phase 1: Starting up (Start of the fight to 2,100,000)
    Reavers: Nex will jump in the air and the quadrant she faces will receive a heavy damage-over-time effect. All other quadrants will have a blood reaver spawn.
    -> Get out of the quadrant she faces, bind/stun reavers. 3+ people (*cough cough minion tanks*) should have entangle runes so dps can focus on phasing.
    Blood Bombs: If we get bombs, we should all try to increase our overall dps as much as possible for the next kill. This special can easily be avoided by getting her to 2.1m HP before it happens.
    -> If we do get bombs, move 3-4 times as needed to avoid a quick death. Don't forget abilities as you're walking.
    These specials repeat in order through phase 2
    Phases 2: The Minions (2,100,000 - 1,800,000)
    Crystals and Minions: At the start of phase 2, Nex will spawn 4 crystal amalgamations in the 4 corners around her, followed shortly after by her Praesul Mages
    -> Destroy the crystals as fast as possible to weaken the mages before they spawn. Minion tanks get into position for lures. 
    -> Continue to attack Nex until 1.8m HP, when phase 3 begins. After she is phased, kill them in the order of Umbra, Glacies, Cruor, Fumus. 
    Phase 3: The Madness (1,800,000 - 600,000)
    Once phase 3 begins, Nex starts her next group of special attacks. The first special is chosen at random, and then continues in the order Smoke, then Shadow, then Ice until 600k HP
    For example, if Shadow is the first special chosen at random, the next special will be ice, followed by smoke, followed by another shadow, etc
    Smoke Lines: An on screen message will appear for someone saying Nex is building up smoke, either to the east of you or to the north of you.
    -> If you have East Smoke, run to the north or south wall. If you have North Smoke, run to the east or west wall. If you didn't read the message in time, run to a corner.
    Ices: An on screen message will appear for someone saying Nex is beginning to freeze the air around you, you will be frozen in place, and will soon take an unavoidable heavy damage-over-time effect.
    -> Use Freedom and run away from people. Eat close to full, and prepare to take 14k damage very quickly.
    Shadow Toilets: Everyone will get a message that Nex cast a thick smoke, and a shadow pool will soon spawn where it lands
    -> At least two people with 7,000+ health need to be in the pool and activate the totem in the center. You will take damage inversely proportional to the amount of people in the pool.
    -> Popping a smoke alone will kill you. Failure to pop a smoke result in everyone receiving a shared pool of damage higher than the shadow would have dealt. 
    Phase 4: Finishing Up (600,000 to the end of the fight)
    Pillars: At 600k HP Nex become invulnerable to damage until he pillars are destroyed while also periodically preforming specials related to the pillars that are still active.
    -> Destroy pillars as fast as possible, they become attack-able in the order the preasul minions die in phase 2-3.
    -> Ideally the south east shadow pillar is destroyed first, and the pile continues around the arena in a counterclockwise fashion. Listen to calls public chat if minions die in a different order. 
    Elements Bomb: An on screen message will appear saying you have been marked to take the elements, and an additional bar will appear on top on your character.
    -> Run the center before the bar in filled. Stay there until the first part of the bomb goes down, or you will die.
    ->After the first part, another bar will appear along with another on screen message. When this second bar is filled, a bomb will drop and stay there for the remainder of the fight.
    -> The first bomb can usually be dropped at the shadow pillar in the south east along the wall
    -> Any and all following bombs should be piled together as close as possible, and go around the arena in a counterclockwise fashion, similar to pillars.
    Once the four pillars are destroyed Nex becomes attack-able again. DPS hard to finish the kill.

    Event details

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