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    16 Feb 2019 05:01 AM      18 Feb 2019 04:59 AM

    Who: Clan members
    What: Amused Jerico vs Jaded Jenninz Pvm Drop Comp 
    Where: Everywhere
    Why: R3 of 3 celebrating the clan and its history 
    Broadcast-ed Unique drops counts and will be tallied for points -- This means everyone can contribute and make the gainz in prep for dxp as well
    Tier 1 Boss List -- 1pt each 
    GWD1 - Arma 
    GWD1 - Zammy
    GWD1 - Bandos
    GWD1 - Sara 
    Barrows  --- Screenshot must be of the chest prior to taking the loot out to count due to it not being a broadcast message
    Tier 2 Boss List  -- 2pt each 
    GWD2 - Greg
    GWD2 - Helwyr
    GWD2 - Vindicta 
    GWD2 - Twin Furies
    Kalphite King  
    Yakamaru/BeastMaster - Raids 
    Tier 3 Boss List -- 3pt each 
    Barrows: Rise of the Six (Rots)
    Chaos Elemental - Need to take screenshot from the ground due to most drops not being a broadcast message
    Special Tiers List - See pts next to boss
    Corp Beast - 4pts - Sigl's Only 
    Nex: Angel of Death - 5pts 
    Vorago - 5pts 
    Telos - 5pts 
    Solak Duo - 7pts 
    Solak 7 man - 10pts  -- Needs to be Clan-mates only 
    There will be two topics, one for each team for drops to be posted and the topic will be locked once the event is up. Will need a day or two to tally scores.

    Event details

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