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Buddy Day Weekend!


The Gladiatorz

Event details

Grab your buddy and spend a bit of time together at some point this weekend. What you do is up to the two of you! 



Assigned pairings

Wolf Eyes and AQuiteGuy 
Deathcon and Medical Rope

Ikuu and Afro Deagle
Minikillers and Edem Alive
Bluee Iris and Isurugi Noe

Afternine and Windeagles 
Kris Kronkle and Nini Paw
Gladzgasmic and A Tree Shade
Beric and Apoc X

Crovus and Grave Wizard
Sir Berry and Dinosmores
Tristan and Cressidali

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I'm very sorry... was really stoked about the idea too, but the agenda around my work hours are completely filled by the misses with social stuff. @AmusedDragon, could you help out Edem please?

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Are we supposed to say what we did with our buddy here or somewhere else? If here, see somewhere else (Skribblio Recap). :)

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