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2 Hour AOD + A Twist


The Gladiatorz

Event details

Who: Anyone

What: AOD 

Where: Meeting at Nex bank W6 


Now for the Twist part:

  • You can't do the same role in back to back hours
  • The person who performed the role in the first hour picks who will do it in the second hour
    • Ex: If Decon is the base tank for the 1st hour he can not base the second and can pick whoever he wants (Being mindful of who pick -- make sure they are capable of doing the role) -- He decides to pick Nova -- Nova is going to learn how to base tank during the second hour :)



The purpose of this is to force some people to become more comfortable on different roles and nudge some of our newer members who have been to a couple trips to get involved in performing roles.


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If you wanted to base you could just say so ##


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God Tristan coming at us with the creative event ideas.

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