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Helwyr Havoc IV


The Gladiatorz

Event details

What are we doing? Helwyr Mass, with Lootshare (Splitting Crests, Wands & Orbs)


Where are we going? Helwyr Room in GWD2, w14, Teamspeak, my FC (TokenPanda)


Who can attend? Anyone and Everyone (Requires 80 Magic and 40 Seren kc to enter the instance)


Why would I come? Fun times, KC and Boss pet chance, Collections, Cywir Components for Planted Feet


When will it take place? Saturday, 11:00 PM EST (4 hours after reset)


Please be mindful of others time, collect kc beforehand and be ready to go at starting time



image.jpeg.409ecb7fa901bce16d7963f76f895152.jpeg image.jpeg.f01a2080b9ad8efecf1d4503fef94be2.jpegimage.jpeg.82bbc434a1da5207da0d191875bc3948.jpeg

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