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Clan Questing Session - Raffle After Event End


The Gladiatorz

Event details

Who: Clannies

What: Questing Block

Why:  To use ts to either help or groan about doing quests. Use this window to help anyone who is working towards questing goals or to complete a few of your own that you have been putting off. 


Additional Info: Posting Screenshot Enters you into Raffle for 10M -- If you give a shout out to anyone who helped that will also enter that individual into the Raffle as well. At the end of the event we will use a random number generator to determine the winner 


Numbers will be assigned in order of posting 


First screenshot will be assigned one, any shout outs in that post  will be assigned 2, and so on....



I know a couple of us hate questing so maybe this will help as something new :shrug:

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