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Return of Spooky Rots Bois


The Gladiatorz

Event details


What are we doing? Barrows: Rise of the Six boss encounter 

-> Rotation: ATG - KDV

Where are we going? The Rots Well (North west of the barrows) Gladz TeamSpeak Channel

Who can attend? Anyone and Everyone. 

*ROTS is a four person boss, so at least four people will be needed.*

-> If we have more than four but not enough for 2 teams, we'll switch out as necessary.

Why would I come? Shields and Energies for Money, KC, Collections, FunTimestm

When will it take place? Friday March 15th, 10PM EST (2:00 Gametime)

Additional Information? 

t80+ ranged armor with duel wield weapons and mechanized chinchompas strongly recommended.

Draken's Medallion is practically essential, so resupplying doesn't take too long. Max cape also works through access to the boss portal. 

 Strategies - Basic Guide - Mech Chins

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