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[MASS] God Wars II - Twin Furies


The Gladiatorz
Wolf Eyes

Event details

.:: Twin Furies Mass ::.


   Nymora%2C_the_Vengeful.png Avaryss%2C_the_Unceasing.png


Who: Everyone

What: Twin Furies Mass Event

Where: Heart of Gielinor - Twin Furies Portal - World 14

When: March 31st - 12 PM EST - 1 PM EST [1600 Game Time - 1700 Game Time]

Why:  latest?cb=20160502013809 Blade of Nymora, latest?cb=20160502013804 Blade of Avaryss, latest?cb=20160502024020 Crest of Zamorak, latest?cb=20160502093108 Zamorakian Essence, latest?cb=20160502011517 Avaryss' Braid, latest?cb=20160502055732 Nymora's Braid and latest?cb=20160502072808 Reputation!



- Please be familiar with how to kill Twin Furies: Click Here.

- Level 80 Ranged is required; however, boosts may be used to meet this requirement.

- Please have kill count prior to mass.

- Loot Share - 'Wolf Eyes' Friends Chat | Drops will NOT be split. 

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