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Guess That Clannie - MS Paint Edition

The Gladiatorz

Event details

Who: Anyone who signups between June 1st -6th

What: Drawing and Guessing MS Paint versions of our clanmates

Where: MS PAINT Into a Forum Post ;) 

Why: Cause we all can figure out who is who, free post count, memes, amazing art work :roll:



  • Signups will occur for one week where anyone from any timezone can sign up to participate
  • On the 6th (PM EDT) I will start sending out Pm's as the last of signups trickle in and give you another fellow clanmate who signed up to draw. 
  • Use whatever templates, overlays, paint skills or lack there of to draw up that member and any clues you deem necessary to help clannies figure out who it is (Example: If someone camps telos all day then you can draw the spaget man)
  • On The 8th You can post your screenshots in the thread or pm them to me to post for you. 
  • Clannies will guess who is in each picture. Whoever gets the most correct gets kudos!!!!


First time doing something like this so this might be a bit chaotic but should be fun if enough people join in :woeh: 



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=} I'm so excited for this. 

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