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Infected - RS3 Style


The Gladiatorz

Event details

I will be hosting a minigame thursday evening at 8:00pm Central time. If anyone has ever played the infected game modes in Call of Duty, this will work similarly. Any and all Gladz are welcome to attend.


I will supply the gear so please don't bring any of your own. I am going to try to keep the game as balanced as I can.


The game will be hosted on W14 in the clan wars safe portal.


Everybody will be given 2 capes. The survivor team will wear the yellow capes, and the infected team will wear the green capes. All but 1 or 2 people will start out as survivors, and the infected players job is to kill everyone on the other team to get them "infected". When you are killed you will change your cape to the green cape and help the infected team "infect" other players of the survivor team until there are no survivors left. I will explain the rules in further detail on TS before the event begins.


Depending on the turn-out we may play multiple rounds. There will be a small reward for the player voted MVP of each round.


Hope to see you there!

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Like the idea of this event, will do my best to be there!


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