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Nex: AOD for 1 Hour


The Gladiatorz

Event details


What are we doing? 



Who can attend? 

Anyone who is a member of The Gladiatorz or clan friends are welcome to come :yay:


Where will it take place?

Meetup will be at World 6, Nex bank | Please hop on Discord for communication purposes


When will it take place? 

Sunday, December 29th, 4pm- 5pm, EST 


Why should I come?





Event information and things to keep in mind:

 - You will need a Frozen Key, and Ancient Ceremonial Robes (to skip kc).

- All valuable drops will be split amongst the team.

- Optional/not required: At least four people (preferably minion tanks) should bring Dominion mine.png dominion mines (x2). It would help dps the blood reavers down fairly quickly. Bring them if you have them.

- Minions should die in this order: Umbra (shadow), Glacies (ice), Cruor (blood), and Fumus (smoke)

- Please run your bombs, and make calls if you get smoke or ice to avoid killing your teammates.

- Having a bank preset would be appreciated. 



Videos & written guides for beginners:



Written guide/strategies for beginners



Pillar Order & Dominion Mine Placement:


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If there's enough interest I can extend it to 2 hours! 

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