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NEX Spotlight Pvm with friends


The Gladiatorz

Event details






January 16th at 7pm est (reset) till January 20th at 7am est



Nex, the normal not so scary with at least one clan member


What you need to do/bring:

  • Frozen Key 
  • Ancient Ceremonial Robes
  • Have auto retaliate off 
  • Bleeds not in a revo section 
  • Ranged weaponry/gear (melee works just spooky, mage cant hit minions and wont help for the first kill but ask the host to be safe)



  1. Have someone post a screenshot of the event in action.
  2. List everyone that attended.
  3. Must have at least 1 other clannie to count for the ticket to the raffle. 



  • Attend a PvM event with clan members, and get entered into a raffle (1 ticket per hour)




1st place 20m

2nd 15m

3rd 15m

4th 10m

5th 10m

6th 10m

7th 5m

8th 5m

9th 5m

10th 5m


if you have any questions feel free to pm me or post below

and remember to praise Zanik


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please post a screenshot of the entire team along with a picture of the event in action to get entered into this months raffle



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